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TN-POPnet Governance

The TN-POPnet is governed by the TN-POPnet Data Governance Board under the terms specified through its Charter and its standard Data Use Agreements with data providers.

The Board is dedicated to building a statewide population health data infrastructure through TN-POPnet and its Heart Health, Diabetes, and Cancer Prevention Registries to track outcomes and improve care across Tennessee and the Mid-South. The Board assists the Tennessee Population Health Consortium in developing the patient, provider, and research collaboration necessary to transform the paradigm of primary and preventive care in Tennessee and the Mid-South from a focus on reactive, rescue care to a focus on high-value, patient-centered care that mobilizes and engages the entire community.

The goals of the TN-POPnet Data Governance Board are to:

  • Establish standard protocols and procedures for all TN-POPnet data owners and data requesters in conjunction with the data owner’s IRB of record
  • Ensure data integrity and privacy in conjunction with the data owner’s IRB of record
  • Maximize best uses of the TN-POPnet to promote community health

The TN-POPnet Data Governance Board establishes standard protocols and procedures for all data owners, data requesters, and researchers participating in TN-POPnet to ensure data integrity and privacy and maximize best uses of this important community resource. The Board develops and approves standard policies and procedures for using TN-POPnet data for approved health services research and pragmatic clinical trials, both independent of and through the Clinical Trials Network of Tennessee (CTN2) and UTHSC Research Enterprise Data Warehouse (rEDW).

The Board is comprised of high-level representatives of the health systems, providers, and practices who contribute data to TN-POPnet. Data Governance Board representatives have expertise in medical informatics and data use for quality improvement, health promotion, pragmatic clinical research, and human subject protection.

Jan 12, 2023