Surplus Property Inspection/Withdrawal

Surplus inspections are open ONLY to University employees for inspection, selection and redistribution of surplus property. Departments are encouraged to use surplus property as the first source of supply in lieu of purchasing new computers, monitors, furniture, cables, supplies, laboratory equipment and/or other miscellaneous items when possible. Please have your University I.D. with you. Selection and transfer of surplus property intended for redistribution is strictly prohibited for personal use. Surplus that is tagged SOLD via GovDeals online Internet auction is NOT available for redistribution.

Surplus is open for inspection of surplus property every Tuesday from 9:00-10:30 a.m. and every Thursday from 12:30-2:00 p.m. Campus staff and faculty will be notified by email if there are temporary changes in the inspection days and hours based upon weather and other concerns. If a department has an URGENT need for surplus property and the department representative cannot come over during the normally scheduled hours of inspection above, contact Mike Smith at 901-448-2550 to schedule an appointment. You can also email us at and someone in Surplus will contact you.

Surplus property is generally available at no charge to the department by Surplus, and there is no charge by Facilities for pickup and delivery by Logistics personnel. There are some exceptions and they include:

  1. Computers - When a surplus computer is selected for possible redistribution, the requestor must contact ITS Customer Technical Support at 901-448-2222 in order to have a work order created and a technician assigned to have the surplus computer processed. The requestor and the technician will discuss the department's requirements and the cost for ITS to provide the service.
  2. In some cases, departments may have surplus property they want to offer to sell for a Fair Market price. The department provides Surplus with the minimum technical information, price, and department contact, then Surplus will advertise the item via campus email and help facilitate.

Surplus property is stored in the east end of the garage of the Beale Building at 822 Beale St. (the old three story brick building) located between Office Depot and Dunn Dental on the south side of Union. Enter the building via the man door or rollup door inside the fenced in area. A Surplus representative will assist and direct the department representative to where the surplus property is located. As soon as the department representative has selected the items for transfer to their department, the Surplus representative will assist in filling out the Surplus Property Issuance Form(s) with the required information. Selected items will be tagged with the department representative's name so the item(s) will be put on HOLD for pick up by Logistics personnel. The completed form is forwarded to the Facilities Work Order Coordinator to schedule the pickup and delivery. Facilities personnel should contact the person indicated as the contact on the form prior to coming over to the department with the surplus. If there are any changes regarding delivery, the department must contact Facilities at 901-448-5661. There is no charge by Facilities to the departments for picking up or delivering surplus. Departments also have the option of taking the item(s) with them or they can pick them up with their own vehicles at no charge. Departments are urged to use Logistics for heavy and bulky items for safety concerns.

The dollars indicated in the Approximate Retail Value column are a conservative estimate of the retail replacement cost of the item(s) selected. Surplus provides the estimated cost and the dollars indicated do not affect department budgets. Copies of the Surplus Property Issuance Forms are available to departments for their records to indicate the approximate dollars the departments did not spend (Cost Avoided) by redistribution/reuse/recycling of University property.

Hold/Reserve Policy: Surplus that has been selected for redistribution to a department cannot be on HOLD/RESERVE for more than thirty (30) days after the date it was selected. Items that have not been picked up at the end of thirty (30) days will be returned to inventory for selection by others.

Surplus Property Location

Surplus property is located on the south side of the Beale Building at 822 Beale St. (the old three story brick building located behind the Scottish Rite building at 825 Union Ave.).

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