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Surplus Equipment

The Surplus Property unit of Procurement Services collects, repurposes and disposes of the University's excess surplus personal property in the most effective and efficient manner in compliance with applicable laws and policies.

We are committed to maximizing the effective life of equipment and materials through repurposing of serviceable items to University departments. Items not re-usable within the University system are sold via online auctions to online auction or publicly advertised sealed-bid sales to recover as much of the initial cost as possible.

We strive to provide the very best service possible to our internal and external customers.

Beginning January 16th, disposal of all computing equipment containing electronic storage will be handled by ITS. This includes desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and removable storage such as USB drives, external hard drives, etc. For more info, or to arrange for pickup and disposal of these items, visit the new Computer Surplus page.


The following steps should be taken to arrange pickup of surplus property for departments of the University of Tennessee Health Science Center:

S-1 Surplus Property Transaction Form

  1. Fill out all applicable fields online. Handwritten forms will not be accepted.
  2. Declaration of surplus and authorization for pick up is completed with the signature of the Department Head, Business Manager, or Designee in the space provided under Dept. Head/Business Mgr/Designee signature.

S-3 Surplus Equipment Decontamination Form

This form is utilized for the formal documentation per UT System Wide Policies & Procedures for equipment previously used in connection with biological, chemical, and/or radioactive materials etc.

The form is to be submitted to Surplus along with the S-1 form with the item(s) referenced prior to pick-up by Logistics.

Departments will send a copy of S-3 to Safety Office as well. Items that have not been cleaned and/or without formal decontamination documentation should not be released and/or picked up by Logistics personnel. Surplus will not accept items without formal decontamination documentation.

Facilities Logistics personnel will present a copy of the S-1 form(s) along with any applicable S-3 form(s) to the department upon arrival for pickup.

Department personnel verify that all items on the Surplus S-1 and/or S-3 forms were picked up by Facilities Logistics personnel and the forms are signed and dated.

Surplus takes care, custody and control of the surplus property upon receipt into Surplus; the form(s) are signed, scanned, and then sent electronically to the Department Head, Business Manager, Designee and/or Requestor that originally initiated the pickup of the surplus from the department. The department should retain the signed copy of the form in accordance with University Fiscal Policy.

Surplus forwards the scanned S-1 and/or S-3 form(s) to UTHSC Accounts Payable. They identify any equipment that is on inventory that can be deleted from inventory records, and then they complete the Form T-64 and attach a copy of the signed S-1 and/or S-3 form. All completed documentation is forwarded to Knoxville.

For specifics regarding the pickup and transfer of surplus directly from one department to another, contact Surplus utilizing the information below.

Surplus items located in the Surplus Warehouse are open only to university employees for inspection, selection and repurposing of surplus on campus. Departments are encouraged to contact Surplus as the first sources of supply in lieu of purchasing new monitors, furniture, cables, office supplies, laboratory equipment and/or other miscellaneous items when possible. Please have your University I.D. with you when you visit the Surplus Warehouse. Selection and transfer of surplus intended for repurposing is strictly prohibited for personal use. Surplus that is tagged UTHSC Online Auction Surplus Sale is for sale on GovDeals online Internet auction and Surplus tagged SOLD via GovDeals online Internet auction has been sold and is NOT available for repurposing on campus.

Surplus Warehouse is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 am — 3:00 pm and you are encouraged to contact us at 901.448.2550 to check inventory and/or directions prior to visiting for current inventory. Pictures of surplus may be provided to a department prior to inspection at the warehouse.

If a department has an urgent need for surplus property and the representative cannot come over during the normally scheduled hours of inspection, please contact us to schedule an appointment. You can also email us at and someone in Surplus will get back to you.

Surplus property in the warehouse is generally available at no charge to department(s) by Surplus, and there is no charge by Logistics for pickup and delivery. As soon as the department representative has selected an item or items for transfer to their department, Surplus personnel will assist in filling out the Surplus Property Issuance Form(s) with the required information. Selected items will be tagged with the department representative's name and the item(s) are on HOLD for pick up by Logistics personnel. The completed form is forwarded to the Facilities Work Order Coordinator to schedule the pickup and delivery. Logistics personnel should contact the person indicated as the contact on the form prior to coming over to the department with the surplus.

If there are any changes regarding delivery, the department must contact Facilities Logistics directly at 901.448.5661. Departments also have the option of taking the item(s) with them or they can pick them up with their own vehicles at no charge. Departments are urged to use Logistics for heavy and bulky items for safety concerns.

Hold/Reserve Policy

Surplus selected for repurposing to a department can only be reserved for two weeks after the date the surplus was selected. Items that have not been picked up at the end of two weeks will be returned to inventory for selection by others.

Online Auctions

Certain surplus property is sold utilizing online auction site. Please go to this link to view items that are currently for sale by this campus. Click on Advanced Search and then click on the pull down box for Seller Name and scroll down to University of Tennessee Health Science Center. If we have something online at that time, our name will show up in the list, and then you can click on our name to see what is online. Our name will not be in the Seller's list if we do not have anything online for sale at that time. Individuals interested in purchasing surplus property should periodically check this link for bidding opportunities. University of Tennessee and other State of Tennessee employees are also permitted to bid on and purchase surplus property via on-line auctions, but must use a personally-owned computer on personal time.

Registering for GovDeals Online Auctions

Members of the public that want to bid on UTHSC surplus items offered on GovDeals online auction, must go to and click on Register at the top of the page in order to bid on items. Fill in the Bidder Registration.

Sealed Bids

Periodically, the University of Tennessee Health Science Center will sell surplus equipment with sealed bids. University of Tennessee and other State of Tennessee employees are permitted to purchase University surplus property at on-site auctions, but not from sealed bid sales. Sealed bids are advertised in the Legal/Public Notices section of the classified ads in The Commercial Appeal or the Daily News. Notices may also be sent out over the campus listserv. University of Tennessee Health Science Center's sealed bids can be found at Sealed Bids.

The UTHSC Surplus Property section of Procurement Services is responsible for repurposing of surplus property. A wide range of surplus furniture and equipment (including printers, office supplies and lab equipment) is regularly made available for repurposing to UTHSC departments. Generally there is no cost to receiving departments to obtain surplus. Delivery charges may apply to shipments made outside of the main UTHSC campus in Memphis.

Departments are encouraged to check with Surplus Property for furniture or equipment before initiating purchases of new items. Go to the Inspection/Withdrawal tab for specifics.

Surplus does not redistribute surplus computers.

Surplus Exchange is a website where departments can list and re-purpose surplus university property by direct transfer at no cost and/or by sale between departments. Surplus computers must not be listed on the website as departments must still go through the ITS Service Desk etc., to obtain surplus computers. Personal purchases of University property is not permitted on this site.

Note: Equipment contaminated with biohazards, hazardous chemicals, or radiation must be decontaminated and all contamination stickers removed prior to being accepted for listing on the site and being re-purposed from department to department. The competed S3 Surplus Equipment Decontamination Form must be forwarded to

Surplus will also utilize the website to post items to make departments aware of certain University property we have available in the Surplus warehouse for re-purposing before being offered for sale via online auction at

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Feb 8, 2024