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Lab Supplies

An extensive line of laboratory supplies for teaching and research is available in General Stores. These items are available for pick-up or delivery. Many items not stocked in General Stores can be ordered from one of our many vendors at a substantial savings to our customers.

A limited line of the most commonly used office supplies is available in General Stores for pick-up or delivery.


A complete line of dry and solvent chemicals are available in the storeroom for delivery or pick-up. 

Freezer Programs

Several freezer programs are maintained through General Stores for the storage and resale of restriction enzymes and other frozen items. Many items are in stock for pick- up or next day delivery. Other items that must be ordered will be shipped for next day delivery. Items ordered on Friday, will be ordered from the vendor on Monday for Tuesday delivery. Current freezer programs are: ThermoFisher, New England BioLabs, Promega, Cellgro and Sigma.

Tax Free Alcohol

General Stores is the campus distributor for tax free alcohol. Our inventory on alcohol consists of: Absolute (200 Proof) in a five gallon drum, a one gallon jug or a case of 24 pints or 95% (190 Proof) in a five gallon drum and a one gallon jug. To purchase tax free alcohol, the alcohol slip must be completed and signed by an authorized person.

An authorized person is defined as the principle investigator or business manager. The alcohol slip is then presented to General Stores  The alcohol slip must include the account number, quantity, type of alcohol and a statement of its use.

UPS/Fed Ex

General Stores is a pick-up station for United Parcel Service. We are scheduled for UPS pick up between 4:00 and 5:00 p.m. each day . We will bill you monthly for shipments made through General Stores. Please make sure your package meets the requirements for shipping. Bring your package to us, sufficiently wrapped and labeled and fill out the General Stores form. 

Free Delivery

Items ordered for departments on the UT Health Science Center campus are delivered by General Stores Delivery Service generally by the next day. During peak times this may take a little longer. Deliveries to other institutions may be shipped UPS (or the most appropriate way), prepaid and billed along with store items. We make deliveries to east Memphis location every other Friday.

May 26, 2022