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Accounts Payable Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it required that the traveler's name on the Direct Bill (T-25) for airfare must be the same as on the government issued photo ID? 
Due to TSA Airport Security Checkpoint policies, the name on the airfare ticket much match exactly the name on the traveler's government issued photo ID to facilitate a smooth check-in process. 
 Why does Accounting request 3 hotel choices on the T-25?
In the event that your first choice is unavailable, there won't be a processing delay to request alternatives.
What if there are no negotiated rates listed for lodging at a workshop/conference?
The absence of the conference brochure/agenda confirming the lodging rate will limit the reimbursement to the CONUS rate.
Can registration fees be reimbursed in advance?
If the traveler pays the registration from personal funds, the fee can only be reimbursed after the completion of the trip. This requires attaching a paid receipt to the expense report.
Why does a guest traveler need a personnel number?
Any guest with expenses must be entered into the IRIS system as a Guest Traveler and assigned an employee number to allow payment.
How can I access a full list of G/L codes?
Refer to the IRIS General Ledger Account List maintained by the Controller's Office.
May 26, 2022