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Physiology explores functional relationships within cells, between cells and their environments to form tissues, between tissues to form organs, communications among organs to form body systems, and the mechanisms involved in coordinating and regulating the multiple systems needed to sustain viable organisms. Understanding the details of these processes allows us to seek insight into the dysregulation of these systems system so we can develop therapeutics for treating human diseases.

Faculty members in the Department of Physiology are involved in cutting-edge research on diverse topics including cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, respiratory, and neurodegenerative diseases. Our faculty conduct investigations on specific topics such as signal transduction, cell adhesion, cell division and death, cell migration and tumor metastasis, animal models, cerebral circulation, gene therapy, ion channels, and wound healing.

We welcome you to explore our department and the exciting research being done by our faculty!

Last Published: Apr 22, 2021