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Faculty and Staff

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A portrait of Zhongjie Sun.

Zhongjie Sun, MD, PhD, FAHA
Department Chair

A headshot photo of Julio Cordero-Morales.

Julio Cordero-Morales, PhD
Associate Professor

A photo of Zheng Fan.

Zheng Fan, PhD

A headshot photo of Polly Hoffman.

Polly Hofmann, PhD
Senior Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs, College of Medicine

A headshot of Jonathan Jaggar.

Jonathan H. Jaggar, PhD
Maury Bronstein Endowed Professor

A headshot of Modar Kassan

Modar Kassan, PhD
Assistant Professor 

A headshot of Salvatore Mancarella

Salvatore Mancarella, PhD
Associate Professor

A photo of Dr. Parthasarathi

Kaushik Parthasarathi, PhD
Associate Professor

Gadiparthi Rao Headshot

Gadiparthi N. Rao, PhD
George and Elizabeth Malloy Professor

A headshot photo of Dr. Don Thomason

Donald B. Thomason, PhD
Dean, College of Graduate Health Sciences

A headshot photo of Gabor Tigyi.

Gabor Tigyi, PhD
Harriet Van Vleet Endowment Professor

A headshot photo of Valeria Vasquez

Valeria Vasquez, PhD
Associate Professor

A headshot photo of Dr. Xu.

Junwang Xu, PhD
Associate Professor


Non-Tenure Track Faculty

A photo of Kai Chen

Kai Chen, PhD

A photo of Paula Deitrich

Paula Dietrich, PhD

Xiaobin Han photo

Xiaobin Han, MD, PhD

A photo of Sue Chin Lee

Sue Chin Lee, PhD

A photo of Pradeep Shukla

Pradeep Shukla, PhD


Joint Faculty


Professor Emeritus



Placeholder image

Charles Hicks, Jr., MBA
Operations Manager





Anita Anderson

Anita Anderson
HR Coordinator


Brandi Webb image

Brandi Webb
Accounting Assistant


Ordeathia Simpson

Ordeathia Simpson
HR Coordinator, Faculty


Miranda Smith image

Miranda Smith
Administrative Assistant





Last Published: Sep 8, 2021