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Faculty and Executive Search Procedures

UTHSC faculty and executive administrative positions must be applied for online through Taleo, a web-based applicant management system.

Through this new system, UTHSC will be casting a wider national recruitment net for faculty and executive administrative positions through the campus website, the UT System website,, Higher Education Recruitment Consortium (HERC) and other search mediums. As a result, the university should have more robust applicant pools.

Faculty and executive administrative applicants will apply through a different entry portal than UTHSC’s staff applicants to allow for an abbreviated application completion experience.

Each staff member of OIED has a different role related to faculty hiring. Tiffinie Snowden, Isabella Porcaro, Miki Sisco-Sankrityayan, Miriam Ghandi, and Abigail Marbibi-Caritan communicate with colleges to get jobs posted, while Isabella, Tiffinie, Miki, and Abigail handle approvals. Dr. Michael Alston handles Faculty/Executive Recruitment Waivers and Search Exemptions.

Points of Contact

College / Office / Department Name
College of Graduate Health Sciences

Tiffinie Snowden – Posting & Approvals

College of Dentistry

Isabella Porcaro – Posting & Approvals

College of Health Professions

Tiffinie Snowden – Posting & Approvals

College of Medicine (Memphis)

Isabella Porcaro – Posting & Approvals

College of Medicine (Chattanooga/Knoxville) 

Abigail Marbibi-Caritan – Posting & Approvals 

College of Nursing

Miki Sisco-Sankrityayan – Posting & Approvals

College of Pharmacy

Miki Sisco-Sankrityayan – Posting & Approvals

Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor

Tiffinie Snowden – Posting & Approvals

AFSA & UTHSC Library

Tiffinie Snowden – Posting & Approvals

Research Administration

Miki Sisco-Sankrityayan – Posting & Approvals

Post Docs

Miriam Ghandi - Posting & Approvals

Staff Professional – Exempt

Miriam Ghandi – Approvals

Note: The search process for staff exempt titled positions in the executive and managerial job family are executed through Taleo for Staff. This means search committees for positions titled Executive Director, Director, Associate Director, Assistant Director, Manager and Assistant Manager must be charged by OIED in which the applicant pools are reviewed and approved by OIED in Taleo. OIED will provide an approval of individuals identified for consideration in Taleo for the primary pool and secondary pool, and there is no separate external paperwork to be completed and approved by OIED as the search progresses through Taleo.  

Jan 9, 2023