Nursing Student Government Association


Nursing Student Government Association photo
Row 1: Kelsey Starnes, Jeanie Tan, Maria Tucci, Dr. Patricia Cowan, Jamie Overton Row 2: Shawn Boyd, Cory Wilbanks, Tori Payne, Joshua Light, Meagan Hunt, Colleen Hogue

2014-2015 Nursing Student Government Association

  • Jeanie Tan, President
  • Christopher (Cory) Wilbanks, Vice President
  • Maria Tucci, Secretary
  • Meagan Hunt, Treasurer
  • Kyle Merritt and Kelsey Starnes, Social Chairpersons
  • Ahmed El-Hamarna, Honor Council Chairperson
  • Helen Castro, DNP Program Honor Council Representative
  • Colleen Hogue, MSN Program Honor Council Representative
  • Lisa Dawson, BSN Program Honor Council Representative
  • Porshia Mahoro, DNP Program Representative
  • Jauclyn Green and Christen (Tori) Payne, MSN-CNL Program Representatives
  • Margaret (Megan) Ligon and Joshua Light, BSN Program Representatives
  • Patricia Cowan PhD and Jamie Overton MAEd, NSGA Liaisons


Student Organizations
Contact Information

Director of Student Affairs

Jamie Overton, M.A.Ed.
Director of Student Affairs
920 Madison, #1021
Memphis, TN 38163

Student Nurse Association

Jami Smith Brown, DHEd, RN, CNN
Assistant Professor
BSN/MSN Department
920 Madison, #1006
Memphis, TN 38163

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