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Sickle Cell Nursing Boot Camp

The Sickle Cell Boot Camp to Promote Nursing Excellence Nationally and Globally Utilizing a Train the Trainer Model addresses the critical need for specialized education and training for nurses who care for sickle cell patients. 

Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) affects 100,000 people in the U.S., but education about the disease in nursing schools is limited. To address the gap, a pilot Sickle Cell Boot Camp for Nursing Excellence was offered in 2022 with funding from a $50,000 grant from Global Blood Therapeutics, Inc (GBT).  A second grant from GBT for $100,000 will allow program expansion using a train-the-trainer model in April, 2023. This effort is a collaboration of the UTHSC College of Nursing, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, and the International Association of Sickle Cell Nurses and Professional Associates (IASCNAPA). 

Sickle cell nurses
This group of nurses from around the country met to develop the curriculum for the pilot program of the Sickle Cell Boot Camp for Nursing Excellence.

Program Overview and Goals

The Sickle Cell Boot Camp to Promote Nursing Excellence Nationally and Globally Utilizing a Train the Trainer Model will be held April 17-21, 2023, at the UTHSC College of Nursing. This program will include all the information provided in the original 2021-2022 Nursing Boot Camp. But it will be expanded to include the Train the Trainer Model to empower nurses to become SCD nurse educators at their institutions.

Implementation. All participants will complete the curriculum for the Sickle Cell Boot Camp to Promote Nursing Excellence. To ensure the patient perspective is established, a patient panel will take place on the first day of the boot camp. The comprehensive curriculum will focus on theory and clinical skills and integrate the cornerstones of nursing education, including evidence-based practice, skills, attitudes, and values. A lifespan approach will explore age-based disease complications progressing from birth to adulthood. Current evidence, best practices, and critical analysis skills will also be taught. 

Adapting a Train the Trainer Model. Train the trainer content that focuses on adult learning principles will be incorporated throughout the five-day boot camp.

Development of Teaching Materials for Trainers. A condensed version of the Sickle Cell Boot Camp to Promote Nursing Excellence content will be developed and provided to graduates. Content will include the essential components of the care of sickle cell patients and include both theory and clinical skills. Content will include learning objectives for each section, review questions for the participants, and learning activities. The trainers will also receive videos developed by the Sickle Cell Planning and Curriculum Committee to teach assessment skills and early recognition and treatment..

Support a Core Group of Trainers. Follow-up support to trainers will be provided to strengthen the transfer of sickle cell theoretical content and clinical skills and support their teaching efforts. Follow-up support will include online meetings to talk about the trainer’s progress with teaching the content, answer questions, provide additional teaching materials if needed, and discuss any obstacles they have encountered with implementation.

Learn more about the course curriculum and agenda.

Application and Eligibility 

Who: This program is geared to nurses who provide care and develop nursing policy for patients with SCD, including bedside and clinic nurses, nurse managers and administrators, and nurses in academia with a focus on SCD. Applicants must be registered nurses actively involved with the SCD patient community.
What: This is a five-day, in-person, interactive event. Space is limited.
When: Boot Camp is scheduled April 17-21, 2023.
Where: UTHSC College of Nursing in Memphis, TN.
Cost: This is free to participants. Funding is provided by GBT Therapeutics. Transportation, food, and lodging will be provided for out-of-town participants in the nursing bootcamp.
Application deadline: Feb. 1, 2023


Application Checklist:

  • Have a copy of the RN license ready to upload.
  • Prepare a statement about “Why I want to participate in the SCD Nursing Bootcamp."
Oct 20, 2022