College of Nursing Honor Council

 Members of the council are:

Ahmed El-Hamarna, Chairperson

Bridgette Torrance-Williams (DNP Representative)

Helen Castro (DNP Representative)

Christian Garrett (BSN Representative)

Paul Weatherly (BSN Representative)

Jordan Humphrey (BSN Representative)

Whitney Maxey (BSN Representative)

The College of Nursing Honor Council is tasked with upholding the Honor Code set forth in each issue of the CenterScope Student Handbook in the Student Judicial System section. For more information please refer to Dr. Cheryl Sheid's presentation on the Student Honor Code. Microsoft PowerPoint link icon

Student Organizations
Contact Information

Director of Student Affairs

Jamie Overton, M.A.Ed.
Director of Student Affairs
920 Madison, #1021
Memphis, TN 38163

Student Nurse Association

Jami Smith Brown, DHEd, RN, CNN
Assistant Professor
BSN/MSN Department
920 Madison, #1006
Memphis, TN 38163

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