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The College of Nursing at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center is dedicated to the preparation of nurse leaders for excellence today and in the future. This mission is accomplished through the education of individuals for the delivery of patient care and the generation of knowledge essential for practice through research and clinical inquiry.

The College of Nursing is devoted to enhancing the quality of healthcare in our community and beyond. Toward that goal we are proud to offer our new BSN program and an exciting program for individuals with non-nursing baccalaureate degrees that awards a masters degree in nursing (MSN) with preparation as a Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) as a first degree in nursing.

Preparation for leadership as an advanced practice nurse occurs at the doctoral level where graduates earn a doctor of nursing practice (DNP) degree and are prepared to sit for advanced practice certification in their chosen specialty area. Preparation for leadership in the discovery of new knowledge occurs in the PhD program which prepares research scientists. Our programs use emerging technology to enhance access to our programs by providing course work that is convenient and timely for clinicians and students.

Our faculty are actively engaged in practice to improve the health of citizens in our community and research designed to enhance the delivery of patient care. These programs of research and practice involve the spectrum of nursing from acute to primary care. DNP and PhD students are matched with faculty employing a mentor-mentee model that provides students with exemplary role models who are actively engaged in the activities they teach.

The uniting framework that transcends all of the college's programs centers around our dedication to the clinical dimension of nursing practice and enhancement of the health and well-being of patients served by nurses. We welcome the opportunity to share more information about our college and encourage you to peruse our web site.

Historical Highlights

1887 - The Memphis Training School for Nurses, the first nursing school in the Mid-South, was chartered.
1898 - The Memphis City Hospital opened and the Memphis Training School became the Memphis City Hospital School of Nursing.
1927 - The University of Tennessee and the Memphis General Hospital approved the University's operation of the School of Nursing. The University of Tennessee School of Nursing began in June 1927.
1950 - The newly established Baccalaureate in Nursing program admitted its first class of students.
1953 - RN-BSN program begins. 
1954 - The BSN program graduated its last class of students.
1961 - The School of Nursing became a College.
1973 - The Master of Science in Nursing degree program was started.
1974 - Accelerated BSN program began.
1988 - The PhD program was started.
1997-The baccalaureate degree program was temporarily suspended.
1999 - The Doctor of Nursing Science degree program was started.
2003 - The UTHSC College of Nursing announce partnership with Methodist Healthcare to create an educational continuum that reinstated the baccalaureate degree program and integrate it with existing graduate programs.
2005 - Admitted traditional, second degree and RNs to the newly established BSN program.
2005- The Doctor of Nursing transitioned from DNSc to DNP
2006 - A small cohort of registered nurses was admitted to a Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) master's program
2007 - Five RNs graduated with the CNL master's degree.
2009 - Admitted 2nd degree students to Master’s Entry Clinical Nurse Leader program.
2009 - Transitioned master's entry advanced practice programs to Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) level. Received accreditation for all DNP programs. Second in the nation to receive accreditation for a DNP program in Nurse Anesthesia.
2010 - All professional entry and advanced nursing practice programs at the graduate level.
2011 - Admitted RN's with a diploma or associate degree to the Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) master's program.
2012 - The UTHSC College of Nursing moved into the newly renovated space on the 9th & 10th floor of the 920 Madison Plaza building.
2013 - Accelerated BSN program reactivated, admitting students with 60+ college credits or a bachelor's degree or higher in another field.
2014 - RN to BSN bachelor's degree option offered completely online. 

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