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All Seminars are at 12pm in the Link Auditorium unless otherwise stated. Please contact Mistie Brewer for the link to any zoom meetings.
Spring 2023 Seminar Series

Date Speaker Title Host
February 7 Qian-Quan Sun, PhD
Zoology and Physiology
University of Wyoming

Interneuronopathy in the thalamocortical network links epilepsy with psychiatric disorders

Jianxiong Jiang
February 28 Veronica Flores, PhD
Assistant Professor
Furman University
Cortical Taste Processing Evolves through Benign Taste Exposures Max Fletcher
March 7 Rajtarun Madangopal, PhD
National Institute of Drug Abuse
National Institute of Health
Fos and Calcium Ensembles in Learned Behaviors Brendan Tunstall
March 14 Robert Smith, MD, PhD
Professor, Chair
University of Toledo
Assessment of Protein kinase signaling networks in complex biological substrates Jianyang Du
March 21 Thyagarajan Subramanian, MD, MBA
University of Toledo
Maladaptive neuroplasticity in Parkinson’s disease: basic science to therapeutic testing Fu-Ming Zhou
March 28
via Zoom
Christoph Kellendonk, PhD
Associate Professor
Columbia University
Dopamine D2 receptors and striatal circuit function Fu-Ming Zhou
April 4 

Udai Bhan Pandey, PhD
Associate Professor
Human Genetics
University of Pittsburgh

Identifying hidden GEM’s in neurological diseases Mohammad Moshahid Khan
April 18 Jungsu Kim, PhD

Medical and Molecular Genetics
Indiana University

Targeting Astrocytes and Microglia for Alzheimer’s disease Mohammad Moshahid Khan
April 25 Jason Yi, PhD
Assistant Professor
Washington University of St. Louis
A functional genetic approach to Angelman syndrome Larry Reiter
May 2 Charles Cox, MD
Institute of Molecular Medicine
for Prevention of Human Diseases
University of Texas School of Medicine
Cellular Therapies for Neurological Injuries Rajashekhar Gangaraju
May 9

Longjun Wu, PhD
Mayo Clinic

Neuroimmune Interaction In Health and Disease Jianxiong Jiang

Seminar Series Archive

May 8, 2023