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Behavioral Core

The Core occupies rooms 301, 307, 309, and 321 in the Wittenborg Building. It is divided into four rooms, with space and equipment for assessment of sensorimotor function, analgesia/allodynia, anxiety, cognition, and more in mice. Please see the equpiment dropdown below for a list of available equipment. Use of the equipment is free to all Neuroscience Institute investigators.

The facility will be managed by Dr. Michael McDonald. Reservations will be made by online calendar at the Schedule link above. In order to reserve a room, you must first sign the user agreement and get card reader access as well as a password for the calendar reservation system.

Please contact Dr. Michael McDonald at 901.448.4648 or by email for access.

Behavioral Core Equipment


  • Conditioned freezing chambers


  • Operant chambers
  • Running-wheel system


  • Activity monitors
  • Startle/prepulse-inhibition chambers


  • Rope climb
  • Rotorod


  • Imaging station for water maze, elevated plus maze, circle maze, Y-maze, cross maze, light/dark, large open field, etc.


  • Discrimination chamber (tactile/olfactory discrimination, object recognition, social recognition/discrimination)
  • Ethanol sleep-time chambers
  • Grip strength meter


  • DigiGait automated gait analysis
  • Horizontal balance beam
  • Hot plate
  • Digital von Frey apparatus
May 26, 2022