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M2 Career Connections: Exploring Your Options

The goal of career exploration is to discover the qualities and qualifications of various specialties, how they match your personal characteristics, and the training paths and possible practice settings available. This is through Student Interest Groups, Interactive sessions and Clerkships.

Suggestions for Career Planning

  • Volunteer as a Peer Mentor and choose to work with a different faculty member, one who has similar career interests;
  • Use your community preceptor for additional advice;
  • Go to Student Interest Group sessions;
  • Shadow physicians when given the opportunity. Ask your Faculty Mentor for advice;
  • Visit COM Student Affairs
  • Take advantage of Alumni Panels.


Schedule and take early. The score matters greatly; however, delaying to study more does not pay off. The best scores are from students who take the exam as soon as they can after the end of the second year and after usually only a month of review. The scores correlate to grades, therefore it seems that no one can drastically improve their score over what their baseline of knowledge allows.

Year 2 Timeline

Timeline Activities and Tasks

Late October

Speed-dating session held by Memphis Medical Society - 

Discuss specialty specifics with Memphis area physicians

Mid February

M2 Orientation to Clerkships (M3 Orientation)

Match 201 Session with Dean of Student Affairs -Update on the Match Process

Late October

Alternative Career Session with non-traditional medical fields

May 26, 2022