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The focus of the Student Affairs counseling page is to introduce medical students to various career planning mechanisms available to them. On this site, students will find information about specialty interest groups and events, faculty and physician mentors, free campus, community and online resources, volunteer and employment opportunities, and much more. Students will also be able to take advantage of opportunities to discuss and ask questions related to such matters as: "how to choose electives or how to prepare a CV and personal statement; what to expect during residency interviews and basically, and how to survive the whole Match process.

Our goal is to ensure that all medical students have a solid plan for pursuing their career choice by the time he/she reaches their fourth year. From getting advise on choosing electives and arranging for away rotations to dealing with the deadlines for the Match, the journey one must follow to reach his/her goal becomes much less stressful and much more clear when someone is lighting the way. Have questions, concerns, or just need someone to help you plan? Let's talk.

Catherine R. Womack, MD


Types of Counseling

May 26, 2022