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M1 Career Connections: Understanding Yourself

Exercises on the Careers in Medicine® (CiM®) website and discussion with your faculty advisor are the first steps.

Suggestions for Career Planning

  • Use your community preceptor for additional advice
  • Go to Student Interest Group sessions
  • Shadow physicians when given the opportunity (ask your faculty mentor for assistance)
  • Visit COM Student Affairs Website
  • Take advantage of Alumni Panels

Year 1 Timeline

Timeline Activities and Tasks

(Before school starts)

Register for AAMC Careers in Medicine; complete the following exercises  (available 1 August):

(Remember to print the results and bring them with you to your first faculty/peer mentor meeting!)

NSO Week

Meet and Greet: Introduction to Faculty and Peer Mentors; schedule first session time with faculty/peer mentor group.
September/ October First Faculty Mentor Session; Review profiles and discuss
Mid-October Match 101 Session: Overview of residency application and match process
Mid-November Residency Exploration Day/Speed-dating session held by Memphis Medical Society - Discuss specialty specifics with Memphis area physicians
January Match 102 Session with Dean of Student Affairs-Your professional profile
February/March Second Faculty Mentor Session; Discuss career thoughts, preceptor experiences and summer plans
March Alternative Career Session with non-traditional medical fields

Summer Between M1/M2 Year Timeline

  • Use wisely if considering a competitive specialty
  • Visit the research opportunities page
  • Work/Shadow/Volunteer
  • International Service
  • No reason why you shouldn't just kick back and enjoy yourself. You deserve it. But, recognize that nation-wide students at UTHSC and elsewhere are working to improve their profile in preparation for residency application.
May 26, 2022