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Aid for Impaired Medical Students

The purpose of the AIMS program is to connect students with the mental health support they need during their medical training. 

AIMS reps are elected class officials who lend peer support to their peers and guide them in the direction of services the University provides if they should need it. AIMS reps work closely with the Student Academic Support Services and Inclusion (SASSI) office to ensure their services are well known and to help identify high risk students in need of immediate support. It is the hopes of both the AIMS program and SASSI that their efforts promote mental health and wellness for medical students in order to prevent crises before they happen.


Drugs and Alcohol

Self Assessments

Sometimes we may be so overwhelmed that we use drugs or alcohol to cope. While this is common, there are healthier and more effective ways to manage our stress.

Curious about your own substance use? Use the links below to self-evaluate your use of marijuana or alcohol.

The results are 100% confidential and no name is attached to your responses. Your responses will not be shared with UT or anyone else. These surveys are only meant to give you insight on your own substance use patterns.

If you are concerned about your substance use, reach out to Academic Success sooner rather than later! Academic Success wants to confidentially help you manage your substance use and graduate on time.


Share A Concern

If you are concerned about the wellbeing of a friend, or even yourself, share a concern. If you’re sharing about a friend, you are not required to attach your name to the concern.

Jun 5, 2024