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UT Medicine in Jackson offers a 6-week clerkship for third year medical students. We also offer a 4-week elective clerkship available to fourth year students. The following is an outline of some of the clerkship expectations:

  • You will have to complete HIPAA training through our hospital and provide a background check and proof of liability insurance before your clerkship begins.
  • You will be given a copy of the conference schedule and attendance at all conferences is mandatory. We would like for you to participate fully in these conferences. Please ask questions-we are here to help you learn.
  • Every morning that you are assigned to the inpatient team, you will participate in "turnover" at the Hospital; afterwards you will go with the inhouse team residents to make rounds on the hospitalized patients.
  • You will be assigned time at the outpatient medicine clinic to work with faculty and resident physicians. You will be expected to see patients, take a history and physical, develop a differential & treatment plan, then present your patient to the resident or faculty physician with whom you are assigned.
  • We have daily teaching rounds with the inhouse team. You are encouraged to attend these rounds whenever you are not in clinic. Our learning center is also available at the Hospital for study. Our faculty physicians give lectures to all medical students on Friday morning beginning at 8:00am. Attendance is required.
  • As a third year student, you will participate in a week that you will admit and see patients in the ER with our resident from noon to midnight. In addition, you will spend a week on our busy OB service.
  • You will be provided a room at one of our local hotels for all nights (excluding weekends for UT students). There are also call rooms at the hospital designed for residents and medical students. The hospital provides food vouches for use at our hospital facilities.

We hope that your experience here will be a productive one and we encourage you to participate in all aspects of our program.

If you are interested in our clerkship, please contact Heather Cavness, Admin. Recruiting Coordinator at 731.927.8443 or Chris Knight, MD, Assistant Professor.

Mar 21, 2024