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The Application Development Department is a key element in the overall mission of the Health Science Campus. This team works closely with individual colleges, executive management, administrative staff and external consultants to provide applications and support services necessary in today's academic environment.

These applications include the Student Information System (Banner), as well as applications developed to interface with the IRIS system, including the Security Badge System, Faculty Requisitions and Applicant Tracking Systems, and the UTHSC T2 Campus Parking System. Conformation to applicable state and federal regulations and laws are part of the development criteria for many of these systems, e.g, and HIPAA and OSHA regulations.

The academic community requires the latest and most productive computing capabilities available. Consequently, the Application Development Department continually integrates new technology when developing systems and incorporates new technologies into its support for existing systems. In the past, new technologies have included migrating to web based application interfaces and support for complete encryption for transmitted data.

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