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In navigating the budget cycles, there are several forms used to establish or revise unrestricted budgets for the University of Tennessee Health Science Center. All unrestricted cost center budgets have a fund name, fund number, commitment item, and amount. The fund name and number represent operations in a division or department. Commitment items are subdivisions of income or expenses base on the category or type of activity.

The Schedule 3 and Income Worksheet is used during the Proposed Budget to establish the cost center budgets by commitment item.  Departments use these forms to outline the base budget allocation.

The Request for Budget Revision is used to make changes to budget throughout the year. The form can be used to change commitment item allocations within the same cost center or to change funding between cost centers and commitment items.

The Schedule 3 and Income Worksheet Probable Budget  modifies the existing budgets to the anticipated budget for the fiscal year during the Probable Budget process.

On occasion, extraordinary circumstances or time-sensitive issues occur which may necessitate a request for additional funding external to the Proposed Budget request opportunity. The Request for Additional Funds guidelines should be used for those instances.

May 26, 2022