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Orthodontic Clinic

How Do I Become a Patient?

  1. Call 901.448.6213 to make a screening appointment.
  2. Provide demographic information over the phone.
  3. Financial information is given to the patient/parent at the screening.
  4. Screening is completed by a resident with attending faculty consulting.
  5. Patient/parent is advised to reserve their position in the Graduate Orthodontic Clinic (assuming they are a teaching case).
  6. $300 records fee is requested within two weeks.
    After a month the deposit can be paid, and treatment started, if there is availability at the time. If no availability, the patient may have to wait until new patients are accepted again. If it has been more than a year, since screening, when calling to make a deposit, the patient may need to be rescreened.
  7. Records are taken after the records fee paid, along with the completed orthodontic examination by the resident assigned to the patient (all appointments will be made by the resident).
  8. Formal consultation regarding treatment options, reviewed by resident with patient/parent (and after formalized with supervising faculty).
  9. Financial arrangements (down payment and contract for monthly installments) must be completed prior to the start of treatment.
  10. Completion of braces placement, straightening of teeth/bite, progress records taken every 6 months, removal of braces, retention period for 1 year.

About our Department

We are so glad that you're interested in UTHSC Graduate Orthodontics. The Department of Graduate Orthodontics at UTHSC is the first/oldest and quite a progressive orthodontic program in the South, graduating nearly 300 orthodontists since 1942. Providing compassionate care and using the latest orthodontic technology, our doctors work to give you a stunning smile that you can maintain for a lifetime. Individualized treatments may utilize braces, removable devices, clear aligner therapy and/or other solutions for tooth movement. Your treatment may involve collaboration with your dentist and/or other medical/dental specialists. We are passionate about what we teach and do as we strive to ensure a comfortable and pleasant experience for each of our accepted patients. This begins at their very first visit, and continues throughout their entire orthodontic treatment. We want you to enjoy this exciting, life-changing process and hope that you will share and laugh with us throughout your treatment at UTHSC.

Our Doctors

Orthodontists are the dental specialists for moving teeth and aligning jaws. Each year, UTHSC selects four highly accomplished orthodontic residents for a 34-month program of advanced training in the specialty of orthodontics. These residents are doctors who have already completed dental school with accolades and have chosen to specialize in orthodontics exclusively. Their program involves focused, intensive classroom, laboratory, research and clinical training that leads to a master's degree and a specialty certificate in advanced orthodontics. This involves diagnosis, prevention, intercepting, and treating dental malocclusions (orthodontics) and facial irregularities (dentofacial orthopedics) which is applicable for tailoring customized treatment for children, teens and adults. All orthodontic treatment is performed under the supervision of one of our attending faculty, all of whom have had a minimum of five years of clinical practice experience. The majority of our faculty are certified by the American Board of Orthodontics. To assure individualized care, all patients are assigned to a single resident doctor and faculty.

Screening for Treatment

The Graduate Orthodontic Clinic offers orthodontic treatment at reduced fees to patients who provide good teaching experience for the student. Whether you are looking to start early treatment for your child (ages 7-11) in order to prevent future orthodontic problems, your teen (ages 12-18) or you are an adult looking to finally achieve your dream smile, our program offers many different ways to perfect your smile and align your teeth and jaws. The Department's faculty members, with assistance from the residents, select patients for the teaching program through virtual or in person screening exams and interviews of interested prospective patients. Virtual Screenings are scheduled at your convenience. In person screenings have limited time available. All screenings at the Graduate Orthodontic Clinic are complimentary.

If you are seen for a virtual or in person screening exam and your doctor finds that you would be a suitable patient for the teaching program, you will be given an estimate of when your treatment will begin. If this is acceptable to you, you can ensure your place on the program's patient list by making a deposit of $300 within two weeks of your screening appointment date.

Patients who do not meet the teaching requirements for our program will still receive a brief explanation of their orthodontic needs as well as options for seeking care in the orthodontic faculty practice, at an outside private practice or in the pre-doctoral dental clinic (limited to a small number of very simple orthodontic problems).

To qualify for screening, you must:

  • Be at least 7 years old
  • Have good oral hygiene habits
  • Routinely receive professional dental care; have had a dental cleaning within 6 months and are cavity free
  • Be able to accept that appointment times are limited to the resident and attending faculty schedules and that they can take longer than in a private practice
  • Be willing to adhere to the clinic schedule
  • Are not currently receiving orthodontic treatment from another doctor (the Graduate Orthodontic Clinic does not accept transfer patients from other practices)
  • Live in the greater Memphis area and have dependable transportation

Do you want to be screened?

If you would like to be screened for treatment in our Graduate Orthodontic clinic, please call 901.448.6213. You will be given specific instructions and information to allow a virtual screening or you will be given a specific day and time for your appointment. Plan on spending approximately 30-45 minutes with us if in person. Hope to see you soon!


Fee Schedule 2022- 2023

Full Treatment – Adult $4,220

  • $300 records deposit
  • $800 due at consultation/separator appointment
  • $130 per month for 24 months

Full Treatment – Adolescent $3,830

  • $300  records deposit
  • $800 due at consultation/separator appointment
  • $130 per month for 21 months

Phase 1 / Early Treatment $1,925

  • $300  records deposit
  • $500 due at consultation/separator appointment
  • $125 per month for 9 months
    • Designed for children who do not yet have all of their permanent teeth
    • Minimal orthodontic appliances will be used
    • The $1925 paid for Phase 1 treatment will be deducted from the total fee in effect for full treatment at the time the patient is ready to begin the second phase of orthodontic treatment

Pre-Orthodontic Guidance

  • $300  records deposit
  • Designed for children who have a developing problem but DO NOT need any appliances at this time
  • May require some extractions to allow for proper tooth eruption


These fees do not include the cost of any extractions, additional oral surgery or dental work that may be needed prior to orthodontic services. Fees for non-orthodontic services must be paid to the provider of those services.

Payment Options

Payments may be made with cash, check, or credit card (VISA, MasterCard or Discover). You can make your payments via this online payment link.

Insurance Filing

If your dental insurance provides coverage for orthodontic services, we will file a claim to your provider. If benefits are available and payable to UTHSC, your out-of-pocket expense for the down payment and monthly payments will be reduced. If you should lose insurance coverage, you will be responsible for any unpaid balance.


In order to reserve your position for assignment in our clinic for either yourself or your child, a $300 deposit must be received within two weeks of your screening visit. You will then be contacted (within two weeks of receiving your deposit) to schedule an appointment for pre-treatment records. Your deposit will cover the cost of the records taken at that appointment. The $300 is nonrefundable except in the event that the department determines there is insufficient teaching value.

Patients failing two consecutive records appointments will not be rescheduled and the deposit will be forfeited.

Jun 13, 2022