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Patient Care Information

Your Rights as a Patient

As a patient or the parent of a patient, the College of Dentistry extends to you the right to the following:

  • Considerate, respectful, confidential treatment.
  • Examination by a member of the faculty before, during, and after each appointment
  • Continuity and completion of agreed upon treatment
  • Complete and current information about your condition
  • Knowledge of each treatment procedure and the cost before it is begun
  • An explanation of the risk involved if the treatment is not done and the right to refuse treatment.
  • Access to care in emergency situations.
  • Treatment that meets the standard of care in the profession
  • Access to a patient representative.

College of Dentistry faculty, students and staff place great importance on maintaining your privacy and the confidentiality of your health information. Every faculty member, student and staff involved in patient care at the College of Dentistry agrees to abide by the regulations outlined in the Patient Rights and Confidentiality Information Agreement.

HIPPA Notice of Privacy

Patient Advocacy

The College of Dentistry does have a patient representative. If you have problems or concerns about your dental treatment, please contact:

Beckey L. Hawes
Office of Clinical Affairs
Suite C-205
875 Union Avenue
Memphis, TN 38163
Phone: 901.448.6565

Your Responsibilities as a Patient

As a patient or the parent of a patient, the College of Dentistry asks the following of you:

  • To make and meet appointments as outlined by your student doctors. If you cannot meet these times, please be courteous to your student doctor by giving at least 24 hours notice for any cancellation.
  • To make yourself available for at least one half-day a week , promptly starting at 9:00 a.m. for a morning appointment or 1:00 p.m. for an afternoon appointment, and to remain for the complete appointment period. If you are the parent or guardian of a child who is being treated, to make yourself available during the entire treatment appointment.
  • To follow the instructions you are given by your student doctor and your physician's consultation orders (if necessary).
  • To take only prescribed medications and to let us know the medications you are taking at all times. This includes over-the-counter medicines. If there are any changes in your health that require a change in your medications, notify us immediately.
  • To follow the agreed upon treatment plan and to ask questions so that you can better understand your dental needs and the treatment provided.
  • To furnish complete and truthful information about your medical and dental history, previous and present illnesses, hospitalizations, exposure to communicable diseases, allergies, medications, and your current medical care.
  • To provide complete information about your dental insurance and make prompt payments in accordance with the fee schedule and at the time services are rendered (or prior to the services for a few procedures).
  • To be considerate and respectful of other patients, students, faculty and staff of the College of Dentistry.


May 26, 2022