Graduate Orthodontic Clinic

The graduate orthodontic clinic provides treatment for the correction of a wide range of bite problems (malocclusions). The treatment is provided by graduate students who are dentists and have completed their dental education and are training to become specialists in orthodontics. All treatment is performed by the graduate students under supervision of faculty orthodontists.

Screening Appointment

Screenings are scheduled approximately once per quarter on Wednesday afternoons between 1:00 and 3:30 throughout the year. There is no charge for the appointment and it is not necessary to bring x-rays to the appointment. Likewise, professional referral from a dentist is not needed.

Treatment Eligibility Requirements

The graduate orthodontic department provides correction for all types of malocclusions. At the initial orthodontic screening appointment, each patient is evaluated for the type of bite problem. All findings are discussed and, if the bite problem provides appropriate teaching value, additional appointments will be scheduled to begin treatment.

Orthodontic treatment requires frequent appointments for adjustment of braces. Those appointments are scheduled at intervals of 3 to 5 weeks and at times that coincide with faculty teaching schedules. Patients must agree to adhere to the clinic schedule.

Treatment Costs

The fee for treatment in the graduate orthodontic clinic is $3,600. This fee includes all appliances (braces) and adjustments, x-rays and initial retainers. The fee does not include non-orthodontic procedures such as fillings or extractions and does not include replacement of lost appliances. There may be additional charges for excessively damaged appliances or multiple missed appointments which extend treatment time.

Payment Options

Several payment options are available. An initial payment will be due at the time records (models, photographs and x-rays) are made. An applicance fee will be due at the start of treatment followed by monthly payments. We do accept assignment of insurance payment and will assist in completing and submitting benefit claim forms.

Scheduling a Screening Appointment

Please call the Orthodontic Department (901-448-6214) Monday-Friday between 8:00 and 5:00.

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