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Closeout your CME Activity

Use the forms below to close-out CME activities that were certified by the UT College of Medicine (UTCOM) and to request issuance of the CME credit certificates/transcripts (AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™).  

CME Activity Closeout form- This form must be completed in order to close-out your CME activity (all meetings for CME activities with multiple meetings) and request issuance of the continuing education certificates. 

CME Course Session Closeout form - to have the certificates issued for a single instance of a course that is offered multiple times - This form must be completed if you want to have us issue the certificates for a single instance or session of a CME Course that you will offer multiple times throughout the year (prior to the end of the activity, or prior to offering the final course for the year).

Resources for the Supporting Attachments:

Required Attachment #1) Participation Report - You must provide participation reports for your CME activity in order for us to create the CME credit certificates, and (optional) a second participation is required if you want us to optionally report your learners' hours to their state medical boards.  All participation reports need to be Excel spreadsheets and need to include the first name, last name & participation hours for each learner, and if you want us to mail the CME credit certificates directly to the attendees your CME participation report also needs to include the address, city, state & zipcode for each learner. Use the templates below to report your CME activity participations to us.

a) CME Participation Report template for a Course - This template provides a useful starting point for the particiation report that we need for a course

b) CME Participation Report template for a Series - This template provides a useful starting point for the participation report that we need for a Regularly-Scheduled Series or Journal Club CME activity. 

c) Optional: CME Participation Report for optional reporting to State Medical Boards - This template is formatted the way the ACCME requires in order for us to optionally report your learners' hours to participating State Medical Boards as an added convenience for your learners in reporting their hours towards licensure.  This reporting is a relatively new pilot project for the entire country and automates & simplifies the process of your learners reporting their hours to participating medical boards, and we expect this reporting to become commonplace for the CME industry in the coming years. The only state medical boards that are currently participating are Tennessee (TBME), North Carolina (NCMB), and Maine (MBLM). 

Required Attachment #2) Summary of Evaluations - You must provide a summary of the evaluations received for your CME activity.  Your summary can be as simple as a few sentences paraphrasing the responses received from learners, more quantified such as indicating the number of people that responded a certain way for each question, or can include more elaborate statistical analysis such as generating averages.  But all Summaries of Evaluations must include a) how many evaluations were received and b) either a few sentences summarizing the feedback received or the number of people who responded each way for each question.

For additional information and resources on closing out your UTCOM-certified CME activity, contact your Office of CME.

Record Keeping for your CME Activity  -  Each Office of CME (Chattanooga, Knoxville and Memphis) at the UTCOM keeps the files for its CME activities for at least 6 years.

Dec 1, 2022