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Sue Bessel Hume, PhD, CCC-SLP


Sue Bessel Hume, PhD, CCC-SLP
Clinical Associate Professor


  • Evaluation and treatment of voice disorders 
  • Speech sound and structural disorders, including cleft palate
  • Stroboscopy and high speed
Dr. Sue Hume has been with UT for over 25 years. She has clinical expertise in the evaluation and treatment of voice disorders including the use of video stroboscopy and high-speed imaging, techniques which permits viewing of the vocal folds and laryngeal mechanism. Dr. Hume treats a variety of the voice and laryngeal disorders which occur in the general population as well as in professional voice users. She works with area physicians to evaluate and treat patients with disorders such as paradoxical vocal fold dysfunction and chronic persistent cough. Another area of Dr. Hume’s expertise is the evaluation and treatment of children with severe speech sound disorders including Childhood Apraxia of Speech and structural disorders such as cleft palate.
  • BS, Ohio State University, Columbus (1971)
  • MS, Emory University, Atlanta, GA (1973)
  • PhD, University of Tennessee, Knoxville (1984)
May 26, 2022