Prometric Testing Center

  • Our Address: 8176 Old Dexter Road, Suite 101, Cordova TN 38016
  • Directions: From I-40 East towards to Nashville, take exit 16S (Germantown Road, State Route 177). Go to 4th traffic light (Dexter Road) and turn left. At very next street on right (Bonnie Lane), turn right. Our building is on the left at the corner of Bonnie, facing Old Dexter.
  • Hours of Operation: 8 AM-5 PM, Monday-Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
    Some Thursdays (Open full days from April 1-30)
  • Scheduling: Scheduling may be done 9 AM-3 PM daily over the phone with your scheduling number from your testing letter.
  • Telephone: 901-756-1425, FAX 901-756-0388

For special accommodations or content questions, call 1-800-MED-EXAM. Please note: If you are taking a STEP 2, please call the center direct! Schedule online only if an emergency!

General Identification

State-Issued Drivers License or Passport, not expired, in name you are using for testing. This is sometimes a problem if someone has changed marital status. The ID must match name on your testing letter.

Testing Room Restrictions

The following items are NOT allowed in testing room:

  • Cellphones, Pagers, Palm Pilots, Digital Watches, Sunglasses, Pens, Pencils, Kleenex, Heavy coats, Food/Drinks, Notepaper, purses/wallets.
  • All pockets must be emptied. We provide lockers with locks, scratch boards/markers and earmuffs to block sound.
  • You may not use your own earplugs. Larger totebags may NOT be stored with administrator.

Please note that security is extremely rigid for this test as many other tests and all testing is audio/videotaped.

General Rules

You may not leave testing room except on a break screen between blocks. You have 45 minutes total break time for each day. Testing time not used will go onto your break time. Tutorial time does not go onto break time.

You may not take food & drink into testing room. We provide coffee & a water fountain. Please bring food & drink in a small cooler if it needs refrigeration. You may use our waiting room for eating purposes.

You may not consult reference materials or use telephones in the center during the test procedure.

Please dress in layers. Temperature varies with the number of computers running and the number of candidates testing. We try to keep the room at 72 degrees but this is not always possible. Candidates wearing sandals or shorts are often uncomfortable if seated under a vent. Outer garments must be worn, not placed on desks, chairs, on floor or tied on.

Please check the website for USMLE for information and prep materials. You will receive marker boards and markers for scratch paper; headsets are provided for sound blocking (you may not use your own earplugs). Coffee and hard candy are available free at the center.

If you did not drive yourself to the center, please arrange to have your transportation arrive 30 minutes before your scheduled starting/quitting time or have a number available that they can be summoned. We close the center when the last person is through testing, usually between 4-5 pm.

MATA transportation is available to the corner of Dexter and Germantown. Please check with them for routes.

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Interim Associate Dean, Medical Education:
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