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Creating Video and Audio Files

Creating and editing PowerPoint video and audio files for your students can offer students broader access to new information and greater comprehension and learning of course materials. Additionally, podcasts are rapidly growing in popularity, with at least 112 million Americans listening to them in 2017 (Edison Research & Triton Digital, 2017). This webpage offers instruction for a variety of options from which you can select to best fits your particular instructional and learning needs. The Teaching and Learning Center has a Digital Media Studio which you can request to reserve so you can create these valuable learning resources.

PowerPoint Slideshow

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Saving PowerPoint Slideshow as a Video (mp4) 

Once the Video is Created

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Effective Educational Video Recommendations

  • Keep videos brief and targeted on learning goals.
  • Use audio and visual elements to convey appropriate parts of an explanation; consider how to make these elements complementary rather than redundant.
  • Use signaling to highlight important ideas or concepts.
  • Use a conversational, enthusiastic style to enhance engagement.
  • Embed videos in a context of active learning by using guiding questions, interactive elements, or associated homework assignments. (Brame, 2016)

More on Effective Videos


Podcasts: What is Possible!

Stephanie Lancaster, in the College of Health Professions at UTHSC, has created a 5 star-rated podcast series for individuals interested in learning about the profession of Occupational Therapy. Stephanie creates most of her podcasts in the TLC's Digital Media Studio and so could you! Visit her website to learn and hear more about Stephanie's podcast series.

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Higher Ed Podcasts of Interest?

  • Leading Lines - Vanderbilt University
    • Explores "creative, intentional, and effective uses of technology to enhance student learning, uses that point the way to the future of educational technology in college and university settings" 
  • Stanford Innovation Lab - Hosted by Tina Seelig, Stanford University
    • How to "bolster creativity and innovative thinking"
  • The Pulse - Hosted by Rodney Murray, Inside Higher Ed and University of Sciences
    • Focuses on "advancing instructional technology"
  • TOPCast - Center for Distributed Learning, University of Central Florida
    • Focused on blended, online and mobile learning experiences and opportunities

Health Sciences Podcasts

References and Resources

May 26, 2022