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ProctorU Student Accounts

To create an account:

  • Visit to and click New User? Sign up here to create an account.
  • Complete the profile information.
  • This screen includes basic contact information and your institution enrollment.
  • At the bottom of the page, I agree to ProctorU’s terms of service must be checked to complete the profile. A flagged message will display at the top until you agree to the terms of service.
  • As part of American with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance, there is also an option to aid you if using screen-reading software or other accessibility applications. Leave this box unchecked if this is not applicable.
  • Subsequent logins direct you to the My Exams page.

Setting Preferences:

  • The initial account creation also asks to set exam preferences. You can change the preferred time window for appointments by clicking Edit Exam Preferences in the left menu (figure 3).
  • A general time frame can be selected via the drop down menus.
  • You may also specify a custom preference by selecting and highlighting days and times.
  • Clicking SAVE & UPDATE confirms the day and time preferences.
  • Time preferences are shown in the left menu bar and may be changed at any time via the Edit Exam Preferences link.

Test-Taker Checklist:

  • Test equipment at before the appointment to confirm that the computer being used is compatible for proctoring. An automated check is run on the system, or a test-taker can connect with a live representative, if needed. Please see our technical requirements listed below.
  • Ensure the Internet connection is fast and reliable. If connected through an intermittent WiFi connection, ProctorU recommends plugging directly into the modem to avoid disconnections or disruptions during the exam.
  • Some exams allow use of scrap paper or other materials during the exam. If this is the case, be prepared to show each item to the proctor for verification.
  • Have a valid government-issued or other photo ID ready to verify identity. Having two forms of identification available is strongly recommended.
  • If the webcam is internal, make sure to have a mirror or reflective surface such as a CD available so the proctor can inspect the computer monitor edges and keyboard.
  • Please remove all cell phones and find a comfortable, quiet spot in a well-lit room. Make sure the room’s light source, such as a window or lamp, is in front of the computer in order to avoid shadowing or glare. The proctor will need a clear view of a test-taker’s surroundings and face before the exam is accessed.
  • At the appointment time, return to and log in. A Start link is displayed where the countdown was previously. Clicking this link takes the test-taker to the proctoring room. The test-taker follows the instructions listed on the proctoring page to connect to their proctor.
  • ProctorU will run an applet, or temporary program, on the computer and ask to share a test-taker’s screen during the proctoring session. This program expires once it is closed. Test-takers should have all programs not related to the exam closed before connecting to ensure the best proctoring experience.
  • Once connected, a proctor walks the test-taker through the authentication, secure secures their work area and helps them navigate to their exam. If there are any technical issues or connectivity is lost, test-takers should use ProctorU’s LiveChat feature.
  • The exam timer does not begin until the proctor enters a test-taker into their exam.
  • If the exam allows, test-takers should save each answer in case connection is lost or if an error occurs with the testing website.

Scheduling an Exam:

  • The first login page for a completed profile, or for a previous test-taker, defaults to the My Exams page.
  • You may choose from three options:
      • Have Questions? activates the LiveChat.
      • Test Your Equipment takes you to the equipment check page.
      • Schedule New Exam takes you through the appointment reservation pages.
  • After clicking Schedule New Exam, confirm your institution, select the exam term and select the exam.
  • Click Find Session and proceed to the scheduling page.

ProctorU allows test-takers to schedule an exam immediately or by appointment. All appointments should be made at least 72 hours in advance.

To make an appointment, create an account at, if you have not done so already. Next log in, click the Schedule New Exam link and select the exam, date, and time desired. You'll receive an email confirming the reservation, and a countdown to the nearest exam is shown.

May 26, 2022