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Integrating Technology

Selecting the Most Appropriate Technology

Many of the technologies, used appropriately, can support multiple goals/functions for courses and enhance student engagement and learning. Consider the questions below to identify which technologies will best meet the course and learner needs. 

Implementation Considerations for Success


  • What are the benefits to student learning?
  • What degree of technical expertise is needed by the students to successfully meet task requirements?
    • Can I (the instructor) support this need?
  • How will I meaningfully integrate the technology into the course?
    • How will using this technology enhance the project/assignment/lesson/etc.?
  • What are the technological options from which the students can select?
  • How will these activities be effectively and fairly assessed?


  • Start simply with some basic pertinent activities to develop confidence
  • Provide examples:
    • Instructor developed
    • Previous students (with their permission)
  • Establish:
    • Clearly with whom the information will be shared
    • For example, just instructor, team members, whole class, general public
    • A code of appropriate practice (password protection, coded identification, information permitted, etc.)
    • Identify attribution/referencing strategies
      • Context and rubrics/checklists/rating scales for all tasks to ensure greater quality, clarity and purpose of activities

Potential Course Design Model(s)

Effective Presentations

  • Identify the purpose and goals of your presentation
      • What do you want to communicate?
      • What do you want them to learn, feel, express, do as a result of your presentation?
      • Identify 1-5 ideas, concepts, facts, etc. you want the audience to remember
  • Plan your presentation sequence to best meet your goals
      • Build a picture (converge or diverge)
      • Determine if it will be interactive
      • Ensure you contextualize/frame what you want to communicate to increase meaningfulness
  • Keep it Simple!
      • Each slide/segment should be just an outline (you will verbally add the details)
      • You should use graphs, diagrams, and other images whenever possible
      • Slides or segments should be uncluttered and easily consumed
  • Time
      • The presentation length should comfortably fit into the time allowed
      • Plan for questions during, and at the end, to clarify what you have presented

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May 26, 2022