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Service Desk

The Service Desk is currently available Monday through Friday from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm via phone (901.448.2222) and to walk-ins. We are no longer accepting email requests through or

  • New Email Forwarding Policy On Dec 14, 21, UT will no longer allow email forwarding of your university email account to another email (except for approved work-related accounts). Learn more!
  • Don't Update to Monterey Yet Faculty and staff Mac users, please hold off on updating to Monterey or purchasing new Mac devices that have Monterey. It is not compatible with our network, so you can't connect to WiFi, wired, or VPN connections.
  • Don’t Update to Windows 11 Yet Windows 11 is scheduled to be released on Oct 5, but don't update your UTHSC-owned devices until the vendor has addressed any early software deficiencies, and we can confirm that your current applications are compatible with the new system.
  • Access to Technology Period Reduced After You Leave UTHSC The period you have to access UTHSC technology for those voluntarily leaving (including retirees) has reduced from 90 days to 30 days. Learn more in the Changes to Your Access to UTHSC Email, Network, and Other Resources When You Leave the University article.
  • Remote Windows Users Should Log in to the VPN every Friday! Those working remotely from a UTHSC Windows device should log into the VPN on Friday afternoon and stay connected to receive updates and security patches. Are you a remote Mac user? We can update your computer without a VPN connection.
  • Dreaming of a Password that Never Expires? It's now possible! Under the Non-Expiring Password Policy, change your password to 12 or more characters and the password never expires.

Last Published: Nov 18, 2021