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Drug Discovery and Development

The discovery and development of new medications for unmet medical needs is a major research focus of the College. With the breadth and depth of expertise and research activities of its faculty, the College can comprehensively address the needs for resources, knowledge and services throughout the whole drug development process, from target identification and drug discovery up to clinical development.

This together with its location in the middle of an established academic health science center bring the College into an excellent position to efficiently transform new biomedical knowledge into novel medications or new pharmacotherapeutic treatment modalities.

While covering nearly all aspects of human disease, the research activities of lab-based College faculty are especially focused on the following therapeutic areas:

Anti-Infectives and Immunology

Research in this area includes the discovery and development of new drugs and delivery systems to treat bacterial, viral and fungal infections, elucidation of microbial resistance mechanisms, host-pathogen interactions, and basic function of the innate and adaptive immune system including its modulation. Faculty in this focus area include Drs. Almoazen, Cory, Fortwendel, Hevener, Hole, Jiang, Kumar, Kurosu, Meibohm, Palmer, Peters, Singh, and Yang.


Research activities in this area are largely focused on the discovery of novel small molecule therapeutics for a variety of cancer indications, including breast, prostate and brain cancer. Faculty in this focus area include Drs. Kurosu, Li, Miller, Tan and Yang.

Cardiovascular and Metabolic Disorders

Research focus in this area lies on vascular physiology, modulation of hormonal systems, obesity, acute kidney injury, and metabolic syndrome. Faculty in this focus area include Drs. Collier, Gyamfi, Leo, Li, Miller, Park, Singh, and Singla.

Neurologic Disorders and Mental Health

Research in this area is largely focused on conditions such as epilepsy, traumatic brain injury, neuroinflammation, retinal diseases and substance abuse. Faculty in this focus area include Drs. Beranova-Giorgianni, Collier, Jiang, Kumar, Li, Moore and Tan.

Jun 21, 2022