Admissions Options

There are multiple paths that lead to admission to the UT College of Pharmacy!

Traditional Admission

Most students are admitted through the Traditional Admission process. All students apply to UT through PharmCAS by the March 2nd deadline. The College invites the most competitive students for on-site interviews, which are conducted in both Memphis and Knoxville. Interviews take place during the late fall and spring. The College utilizes a rolling admissions process, which concludes by mid-April. All admitted students begin the PharmD program in the fall semester.

Early Decision

Students may apply through PharmCAS for Early Decision. This program allows students to apply to only one school. If a student is admitted to UT during the Early Decision process, their application is closed and they are committed to enroll in the program. Early Decision has an application submission deadline in early September (as set by PharmCAS) and an early interview (typically late September). If a student applies to UT during Early Decision but is not admitted, they may still be considered during the regular admission cycle. Their application is opened by PharmCAS so that they may also apply to other colleges of pharmacy.

Early Acceptance

The Early Acceptance program is for students who meet our average admissions criteria: 3.4 GPA and 70th percentile on the PCAT. A student can be considered for this conditional acceptance during their 2nd year of college, with the stipulation they remain in school for another (3rd) year of college and complete the remaining coursework while maintaining their GPA. The purpose of the Early Acceptance policy is to offer strong students a guarantee of admission for the following year. To be considered for Early Acceptance, students must complete a minimum of 3 semesters of academic coursework, including a minimum of 2 semesters of general biology/zoology, 2 semesters of general chemistry, 1 semester of organic chemistry, and 1 semester of additional science course work (anatomy and physiology, physics, microbiology). These students apply through PharmCAS (the Pharmacy College Application Service), discuss their Early Acceptance status with a UT College of Pharmacy admissions representative, and complete an on-site interview.

Direct Admission

Students applying to the University of Tennessee Knoxville and the University of Memphis have the opportunity to apply to the UT College of Pharmacy through their undergraduate application. There are specific requirements to be admitted into the program, and students must meet maintenance requirements as they complete a minimum of three years of undergraduate coursework.


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