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The curriculum at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center College of Pharmacy is designed to produce knowledgeable, skilled and caring pharmacists who are prepared to enter practice to provide patient-centered and population-based care in interprofessional healthcare settings.  The integrated, forward-thinking curriculum is delivered by leaders in the pharmacy profession and prepares medication experts who optimize therapy to meet patient outcomes.  Student pharmacists will have the opportunity to apply their knowledge in a longitudinal abilities-based course for learning and mastering skill-based pharmacist activities. The new state-of-the-art simulation center allows student pharmacists to learn alongside their future health profession peers in interprofessional activities, as well as experience the future of pharmacy practice in a mock pharmacy.

The learning outcomes that drive the curriculum reflect abilities necessary for pharmacists to provide care for individual patients and populations within a variety of healthcare systems and as effective members of interprofessional teams. A solid foundation is provided in the biomedical, pharmaceutical, social/administrative and clinical sciences, emphasizing evidence-based approaches to problem solving and patient-centered perspectives on healthcare. The curriculum strongly supports graduates who desire to continue their education through residencies or other postgraduate education opportunities as well as those who plan to enter practice directly after graduation. It supports development of the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for students to become self-directed learners who are aware of their own strengths and needs for further development. It instills a responsibility to be an advocate for the profession in the best interest of the patient and the society.

The experiential program at UTHSC College of Pharmacy includes introductory and advanced pharmacy practice experiences that allow students to apply their knowledge and skills in the practice of pharmacy. The Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences (IPPE) include a layered-learning approach to allow students to learn from their upperclass peers, post-graduate residents, and practicing pharmacists. A UTHSC student pharmacist gains a solid foundation with a variety of opportunities to practice and refine their skills and knowledge through active learning, simulation activities, interprofessional activities, and patient care experiences.

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Last Published: Jun 27, 2019