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PICU Satellite Pharmacy

Opened in 1984 by Drs. Powell and Rajanna (Raj), the PICU Satellite Pharmacy at Le Bonheur Children's Hospital was the first-ever pediatric critical care satellite pharmacy in the region. Now as a 24/7 operation, it provides pediatric clinical pharmacy specialists to the patients and the PICU team. Being located in the PICU, clinical pharmacists are available for immediate face-to-face consultation regarding any medication-related issues - whether during weekdays, or nights, weekends and holidays.

They also respond to emergencies by preparing resuscitative medications at the patient's bedside. Clinical pharmacists participate in daily multidisciplinary rounds and provide services including, but not limited to, medication dispensing, drug monitoring (pharmacokinetics), assistance with pain management, drug information, general clinical pharmacology, anticoagulation, assistance with antibiotic therapies, and management of sedative medications.

The PICU Satellite Pharmacy serves as a training center for pharmacy students (P-3 and P-4) and pharmacy residents (PGY-1 and PGY-2) and also provides nursing and physician education. Clinical pharmacists also participate in research projects and have presented numerous poster and platform presentations locally, regionally, and nationally; furthermore, members of the PICU Clinical Pharmacy Staff have authored or co-authored numerous publications.

Full Time Staff

Clinical Pharmacists

  • Laura Broome, PharmD, BCPS
  • Bess Flynn, PharmD, BCPS
  • Eddie Hankins, PharmD
  • Cindy Hanson, PharmD
  • Amanda Helton-Clark, PharmD
  • Katie McCallister, PharmD
  • Steve McCommon, PharmD
  • Becky McGee, DPh
  • Pamela Murray, PharmD
  • Kerri Parks, PharmD
  • Mark Rayburn, PharmD
  • Jessica Rosson, PharmD, BCPS
  • Jasmine Sahni, PharmD, BCPS

Certified Pharmacy Technicians

  • Candance Brodnax, CPhT
  • Faith Patterson, CPhT
  • Krystal Sain, CPhT
  • Brittney Smith, CPhT


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May 26, 2022