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Program Overview

The Department of Nephrology at UT Health Science Center is the region's only comprehensive academic program in Nephrology. Our fellowship program is also unique in that it spans a care spectrum from children to adults and includes practice in both the University and community settings.

The Nephrology program has three interdependent core missions: education, research, and patient care.


A major goal of the Nephrology fellowship program is the training the next generation of clinical Nephrologists and physician-scientists. Our educational program, headed by Colleen Hastings, MD, is recognized as one of the best. Colleen Hastings, MD has developed a comprehensive and participatory curriculum that has resulted in a 100% Nephrology Board pass rate.


The Nephrology program has a flourishing programs outcomes, clinical trials and basic research using molecular biology and genetics to understand the pathogenesis of human diseases. Dr. Kovesdy directs the outcomes and clinical trials program. A foundation of our clinical research program is the national Veterans Administration database developed by Dr. Kovesdy, which includes data on over 4 million US veterans with and without Chronic Kidney Disease. In addition, Dr. Quarles leads a team of NIH funded scientist in basic research that is exploring the regulation and function of polycystins in mechanosening and developmental processes, FGF23 in the regulation of bone and mineral metabolism, and orphan G-protein coupled receptors function in metabolic syndrome and prostate cancer. Because impaired kidney function has far-reaching health effects, patients with kidney disease often have other medical problems, such as heart disease and diabetes. We therefore take an interdisciplinary approach in all of our missions.

Patient Care

Our patient care program is comprehensive and interdisciplinary. We have leading expert clinicians in the areas of outpatient hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis and home therapies. We have partnered with Satellite Healthcare, one of the nation's leading non-for-profit dialysis company, to develop a network of in-center dialysis units in the area. In addition, working with Satellite Healthcare, who is also a national innovator in home therapies, we have opened a WellBound Home Therapy Center in East Memphis. The Nephrology clinical program has also partnered with Fresenius Vascular Care to develop an interventional nephrology center. In addition, we have special programs in Nephrolithiasis and Hypertension. We also have renal pathology expertise and a national recognize program in renal transplantation through affiliation with Methodist University Hospitals and the UT physician practice group. The Nephrology program at Methodist University was noted to be in the 50 Top-Rank programs by US News & World Report.

Jan 30, 2024