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Applying for Away Rotations

To receive approval for an away rotation, you must complete this form. Any resource you may need to complete this process can be found on this page. If you still have a question, you may contact Kimberlee Norwood at Once you complete the approval form, an email will be sent to Ms. Norwood and she will alert Ms. Jennifer Wilson to approve your schedule.

NOTE: The form MUST be completed entirely and all documents uploaded prior to approval being sent to Ms. Wilson.

Away Rotation Forms for non-VSLO Rotations

Students requesting an away rotation that is not listed in VSAS/VSLO must ensure completion of all sections of the above form for approval. Section I is completed by the student; Section II is to be completed by the corresponding UT Department, i.e. if a surgery rotation, UT surgery chair or designee must complete section II; Section III is completed by the Office of Medical Education; and Section IV is to be completed by the cooperating institution (the institution you plan to visit). Once completed, this form must be returned to the Office of Medical Education via email to, mailed to 910 Madison Ave, Ste 1031, Memphis, TN, 38163 Attn: Kimberlee Norwood or fax to 901.448.1488.

Students must have completed a criminal background check before being approved for an away rotation. This can be done through Qualified First Verified Credentials using the UT background check code but students are responsible for the cost of the report.

Apply for Away Rotations Through VSAS/VSLO

We use the AAMC’s Visiting Students Learning Opportunities (VSLO) system to allow students to apply for away electives (formerly known as the Visiting Students Application Service or VSAS). At the beginning of your M3 Spring semester, you will receive an invite from AAMC to be added to VSLO. You will need to accept this invitation. You may login here. This access will allow you to explore away rotations and their individual requirements and application dates. You may also save rotations you are interested in to return later to apply. Before you apply, please request your transcript (follow steps in item 1 below to request). The transcript request has a 3-5 business day turn-around time so be sure to request early but not too early as you will need all your core clerkships listed on the transcript.  

Each host school has their own requirements. Some requirements the student uploads and other requirements the home institute (UTHSC) uploads. Any institute requirement will be sent to the VSLO coordinator at your home institute to complete. This is currently Kimberlee Norwood Once you submit your application and the requirement request is received, the requirement will be added to your application and submitted. 

Some requirements that may be requested are listed below with information on how to obtain. Each school has its own list of requirements so you will need to read carefully the requirements posted for your elective and school of interest. If you have any questions, you may contact Kimberlee Norwood at or 901.448.3843.

  1. Transcript request VSLO transcript at ERAS/VSLO Transcript Request Form. If there are any issues, please contact Susan Miller,, 901.448.1598
  2. AAMC Immunization form  – please download the form. This can be signed by a medical provider (UHS, your PCP, etc.). Note: all your required immunizations and documentation is uploaded to Qualified First Verified Credentials (QFVC). You can download your documents from QFVC to include with your application, if needed. You may also download the documents to take to UHS or your PCP to review, so they can sign the AAMC form.
  3. Letter of Recommendation (LOR) – please contact a resident, preceptor, research mentor or attending that you may have had a good working relationship with and make the request for a letter of recommendation to be sent to Once you submit your application and this requirement is sent to Ms. Norwood the LOR will be uploaded and added to your application.
  4. BLS/ACLS – student should have a copy of his/her current card. If not, student should be able to return to RQI1Stop and login to download a copy.
  5. TB Mask Fit card – student should have a copy of his/her card. If not, Ms. Norwood can provide a copy.
  6. HIPAA training – student should have printed a completion certificate upon completing this campus training. If not, student may return to HIPAA PRIVACY AND SECURITY TRAINING and in training history, you will find your certificate to print.
  7. Certificate of Malpractice Insurance – student can find this here. The policy renews each year in July. If your rotation comes after July, the host institution may require an updated policy. The link will be updated as soon as the new policy is received.
  8. Letter of Good Academic Standing – please request this from Ms. Norwood at and she will write it and have it signed by a Dean.
  9. OSHA training You will receive this training as part of the preparation to clerkships week. Once you have completed the training in Blackboard an option to print a certificate will be available. You should have a copy of this certificate.
  10. Criminal background check – UTHSC will verify a background check completed at matriculation. However, if the host institution is requesting a background check within the past 12 months, then you will need to go to this link and request a background check at your expense.
  11. Drug screening – students are on their own to provide a drug screen to requesting schools. Some require a 6 panel and others a 10 panel. Some require a screening within past 6 months and others will accept past 12 months. UHS may be able to provide this service with an appointment and the student is responsible for the cost.
  12. Board scores – students should have their score reports and may upload these to VSLO if requested. If the home institute is required to upload the score, you will need to submit your score report to Kimberlee Norwood at to add to your application.
  13. School Evaluation Form – this requirement is typically sent to Ms. Norwood to provide through VSLO.  If you are requested to provide it, a blank copy may be found online or preferably request it from Ms. Norwood at so she may prefill the form to issue correct credit once it is returned.

There may be other items or requirements, if you have a question, please contact Ms. Kimberlee Norwood at or 901.448.3843.

Evaluations of Away Rotations

This link will take you to evaluations completed by classmates or previous students on away rotations they have attended. Their experience, positive or negative, is recorded. This information is provided to assist you in deciding which away rotations you may want to attend.



Feb 27, 2023