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Virtual Workshops

Medical Education Research Workshops

Introduction to Medical Education Research: Dr. Robert Jason Walker, PhD, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine South Georgia
  • Remixing Research: Finding your footing in medical education research (Recording)
  • Utilizing the library resources at UTHSC for medical education research (Recording)
  • Medical education research in action: Dr. Darren Hoffmann, PhD, University of Iowa Innovations in Virtual and Living Anatomy (Recording)
  • Utilizing the IRB at UTHSC for approval of educational human subjects research (Recording)
  • Medical education research in action: Dr. Rachel Salas, MD; MEHP, and Dr. Charlene Gamaldo, MD, Johns Hopkins University
    From Padawan to Master Jedi: A Neurologist’s Journey to Becoming an Educator Scholar (Recording)
May 26, 2022