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The Lean Team provides training and coaching on the Lean 6 Sigma methodology as it relates to the UT Health Science Center. In this project-based learning approach, each participant arrives to training as a project team member. This helps to reinforce the concepts taught during the lecture portion of the training. Most projects have multiple team members, however, some projects have individuals who are interested in improving their own process. We call the team members Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) as each brings his/her expertise to the team. Coaches provide support throughout the entire project.

Each week for 10 weeks, we alternate between a three-hour DMAIC training session and a three-hour working session. If the projects are not finished by the end of the ten weeks, additional working sessions are scheduled by the coaches. 

During the course of the project, a team representative will present the project progress. Once the project is complete, there is a 10-minute presentation during our Executive Review with project champions. This celebration also includes stakeholders, and team members from each team presenting.

We also offer workouts, which are a structured way to bring people together for a short-period of time to make rapid, lasting improvements to an existing process. Our coaches provide facilitation and recording services to the workout team.

What People Are Saying About Our Training

I like that we met our working groups on Day 1 and got started on the project right away. I also enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere with snacks, breaks, opportunities for questions, and come and go options.
Teaches us how to work smarter, not harder.
Will hopefully cut down on some of the repetitive processes on campus and to make administrative units more efficient.
My favorite part of the training was the working group sessions. 
It was a great experience. I am excited about how quickly we were able to isolate the problem and begin thoughts about improvements.

93 percent of trainees find the material relevant

93% of the trainees find the material relevant and relatable to the university

100 percent of its has been trained as of April 2019

100% of ITS staff trained

128 practitioners trained

Total practitioners trained
Feb 8, 2024