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Windows 7 Support Ends Soon!

Due to security concerns, the Customer Support Tehcnology team will be upgrading faculty and staff to Windows 10.  Our goal is to have Windows 10 installed on all UTHSC-owned computers connected to our network by August of 2019.  Learn more about the Windows 10 Upgrade!

Top Helpdesk Topics

  1. Password Management
    Set up, change, unlock
  2. Wireless Internet
    How to access WiFi.
  3. OneDrive Overview
    Learn what OneDrive does
  4. Retiree Email FAQs
    Learn about the latest changes
  5. Duo
    Two-factor authentication (2FA)
  6. Application Access
    Get the access you need.
  7. Endpoint Protection
    Protect your devices!
  8. Office 365
    Outlook, Word, Excel, and more
  9. UTK Software Distribution
    No-cost software
  10. Vault
    Send large files securely.
  11. Mediasite
    Presentation software
  12. Purchasing hardware or software?
    Let us help!
  13. Listservs
    Mailing communications
  14. VPN
    Login securely off-campus

Last Published: Aug 19, 2019