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Movement Science Lab

The mission of the Movement Science Lab is to provide the Memphis medical community with state of the art computer assisted motion analysis; to quantify and advance the understanding of the musculoskeletal system by studying human movement and joint biomechanics.


Clinical: To provide exceptional clinical service to patients referred for evaluation.  To integrate physical findings, through motion analysis, in the decision making process for patient care.

Research: To collaborate with multiple disciplines to optimize the effectiveness of evaluation and treatment of motor dysfunction caused by orthopaedic or neurological disorders.  Dissemination of results through peer reviewed publications and presentations.

Education: A unique learning and teaching environment for students of all allied health and medicine professions, through education and group projects.

Motion Capture System:

The lab comprises of two highly advanced modules of motions analysis systems that  are complementary to one another.  Both modules are used to generate and analyze movement patterns, joint energetics and muscle activation.  This is further utilized in understanding movement dysfunction as a result of orthopedic or neurologic processes and changes in the dysfunctions post intervention.

One is a fully functional lab with high resolution 10-camera Qualisys system with 2 force places embedded in a walkway and supported with a 16-channel wireless Delsys EMG system.  The second module is a state of the art virtual reality lab with a separate high-resolution 10-camera system, a dual-belt instrumented treadmill, a 16-channel telemetric EMG system and a 64-channel EEG system.

In addition to Motion Capture technology, the Movement Science Laboratory also has:

GAITRite™ System 
A portable computer-based system that measures both temporal and spatial parameters of gait based on footfall pressures. The GAITRiteÔ system uses a 12-foot long electronic walkway that contains grids of pressure-sensitive pads encapsulated in a carpet connected to a serial port of a Windows PC.  The pressure pads scan thirty five times a second to accurately provide temporal and spatial parameters of gait for subjects weighing over 45 pounds.

The Biodex Balance System SD™
The Balance System is a versatile tool to test and train balance.  It allows for both static and dynamic balance assessments and can be used as a training device by providing real time biofeedback.

Pictured above: Biomechanists Alexis Nelson and Kyle Huffman

Aug 22, 2022