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Wellness Champions

If you or one of your peers is having trouble or need to talk with someone, please feel free to contact your program’s wellness champion.

We have a list of wellness activities submitted by programs in their Annual Program Evaluation or to the GMEC Wellness Subcommittee.

Program Champion
Allergy/Immunology Bindiya Bagga, MD
Anesthesiology Christopher Parker-Rajewski, MD
Dermatology Whitney Shroyer, MD
Emergency Medicine Memphis Alan Taylor, MD
Emergency Medicine Nashville Kristin Brown, MD
Family Medicine Jackson Christopher Knight, MD
Family Medicine Nashville Vanessa Streicher, DO
Family Medicine St. Francis Ryan Shumon Rahman, MD
Family Medicine Sports Medicine John Hyden, MD
Internal Medicine Memphis Desiree Burroughs-Ray, MD, Savannah Hauter, MD (PGY-3), and Rohit Raina, MD (PGY-3)
Internal Medicine Nashville Ben Maddox, MD
Medicine/Pediatrics Natascha Thompson, MD and Desiree Burroughs-Ray, MD
Cardiology Adedayo Adeboye, MD
Interventional Cardiology Sunil Jha, MD
Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology Uzoma Ibebuogu, MD
Critical Care Medicine    Rabin Shrestha, MD
Endocrinology Helmut Steinberg, MD
Gastroenterology Claudio Tomboazzi, MD
Infectious Diseases                                         Nathan Summers, MD
Nephrology Colleen Hastings, MD
Rheumatology Dependra Pattanaik, MD
Hematology/Oncology Arnel Pallera, MD
Neonatology Mohamad T. Elabiad, MD
Pulmonary Critical Care Rabin Shrestha, MD
Sleep Medicine Rabin Shrestha, MD
Neurosurgery Madison Michael, MD
Neurology Andrew Wilner, MD
Child Neurology Marianna Rivas, MD and Jenny Schmidt, MD
Clinical Neurophysiology Andrew Wilner, MD
Vascular Neurology Andrew Wilner, MD
OB-GYN Nashville Reagan Saig, MD and Jon Anderson, DO (PGY-2)
OB-GYN Memphis Owen Phillips, MD
Gynecology/Oncology Todd Tillmanns, MD
Maternal Fetal Medicine Norman Meyer, MD
Ophthalmology Andrew Meador, MD
Orthopaedic Surgery Derek Kelly, MD
Hand Surgery Ben Mauck, MD
Pediatric Orthopaedics Derek Kelly, MD
Orthopaedic Sports Medicine Thomas Throckmorton, MD
Otolaryngology Rosemary Stocks, MD
Pathology Kinjal Shah, MD
Forensic Pathology Kinjal Shah, MD
Pediatric Pathology Kinjal Shah, MD
Pediatrics Bindiya Bagga, MD
Pediatric Subspecialties Bindiya Bagga, MD
Psychiatry Khyati Kothari, MD
Child Psychiatry Andres Ramos, MD and Khyati Kothari, MD
Geriatric Psychiatry Khyati Kothari, MD
Radiology Brian Green, MD
Pediatric Radiology Anand Raju, MD
Radiation Oncology Katelyn Ragland, MD
Surgery Nashville                                           Rachel Bryant, MD
Surgery Memphis Ashley Hendrix, MD
Surgical Critical Care Peter Fischer, MD
Surgical Oncology Paxton Dickson, MD
Pediatric Surgery Ying Weatherall, MD
Vascular Surgery     Ed Garrett, MD
Urology Robert Wake, MD
Pediatric Urology Dana Giel, MD
Hospice and Palliative Medicine Christine Lamey, MD
Pediatric Surgical Critical Care Alexander Feliz, MD
Pediatric Gastroenterology Anushree Algotar, MD and Maggie Vickers, MD
Dec 7, 2022