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Methodist University Hospital Registration Materials

Initiating Computer Access/iPriv Updates:
Lori Kessler at or 901.516.8529.
(For faster response time, please use email.)

Cornerstone/online Cerner training problems:
Pam Thompson at or 901.516.0370.
(For faster response time, please use email.)

Access to Methodist wifi:
Connect to the GUEST network, open a browser, and navigate to a webpage. The Methodist/Le Bonheur terms and conditions page will open. Click the “I accept” button.

Cerner EMR, login, or wifi problems:
Helpdesk at 901.516.3111 or log a Helpdesk Ticket on Molli.

Problems with Methodist-issued pagers and pager numbers:
Phone: 901.516.0000 (IT Helpdesk)

TelmedIQ Smart Pager:
Download link:
MLH-specific support and instructions:
General instructional videos:

Methodist Physician Help Desk line: 901.516.3111
TelmedIQ support: or 888.362.3948

Assistance with pagers while on-site at MUH (needing replacement pagers, replacement clips, new batteries):
Judy Watts at or 901.516.2362; 2nd Floor Wilson Hall.

Assistance with food funds for overnight residents:
Email: Include a picture of the front and back of badge in email.

Assistance with badging and parking issues at MUH:
Centracom at 901.516.7765.

Privileges/Computer Access

For both adult and pediatric residents and fellows starting at UTHSC:

If you have a July 1 start date, you do not need to complete a Cerner form.

Forms are needed only if you are a visiting resident or fellow, or you are starting off-cycle.

July 1 Start Date

The Methodist/Le Bonheur system will obtain your demographic information from the UTHSC Graduate Medical Education (GME) office as part of the overall onboard process to the university.


  • May 18: Deadline to turn resident packets in to the GME office at UTHSC
  • 1st week of June: ID numbers to be emailed to program coordinators and dispersed to residents/fellows
  • 1st–2nd week of June: Login credentials and info concerning online training for Cerner (via the Cornerstone training website) to be emailed to residents and fellows individually
  • June 25: Deadline to complete all Cerner training in Cornerstone
  • June 30: Activation date for Cerner and other systems


  • Contact from Methodist will go through your official address—be sure to check it for official notices.
  • Training left incomplete after the June 25 deadline will delay activation of your Cerner account beyond the July 1 start date.
  • To check on training status, contact Pam Thompson or call the Medical Informatics Education Line at 901.516.0369. For faster response time, please use email.

Off-Cycle and Visiting Residents and Fellows

Residents and fellows starting at other times of the year or on visiting rotations will need to complete a Computer Access Request Form and return it to Lori Kessler at Previous versions of the Cerner Access Request Form will not be accepted and incomplete forms will not be processed. Access will only be granted to those with official permission from UTHSC.

Please allow a minimum of 5 business days of receipt of your application. You will be emailed your ID, login credentials, and online training information when processed.

Cornerstone Online Training

All training for Methodist/Le Bonheur computer systems is done via an online portal called Cornerstone. After your application/information is processed, you will be contacted via email with your ID number, login credentials, and Cornerstone training info.

For issues related to Cornerstone access after you receive your login credentials for online training, contact Pam Thompson or call the Medical Informatics Education Line at 901.516.0369. For faster response time, please use email.


Badging at Methodist University Hospital is done at the Centracom office. You can get your badge any time after you get your ID number.

Methodist University Hospital Badges
The security office (Centracom) is located behind the Medical Staff Auditorium. Knock on the door for entry. If no one answers, call the main security line at 901.516.7765.

Hours of Operation: Tuesday–Thursday, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Methodist University and Le Bonheur Badges
Residents and fellows in combined peds and adult programs (like Med-Peds) can get both
Methodist and Le Bonheur badges at Centracom.

Le Bonheur-Only Badges
Peds-only residents and fellows need to go to Le Bonheur for badges. Centracom will not issue Le Bonheur-only badges.

The Le Bonheur security office is at Room L200A on the first floor of the hospital inside the Associate entrance on Dunlap; 901.287.4456.


For parking at Methodist University Hospital, complete the Parking Form and give it to security personnel in the Centracom office when you get your badge.

Residents and fellows are directed to park in the Associate Parking Garage (building L). Entrances to the garage are found on both Bellevue Blvd. and Pasadena Pl.

Please see the Le Bonheur registration materials page for the Le Bonheur parking form.

TelmedIQ - Secure Communication Software

Methodist University Hospital has adopted a comprehensive communication product named TelmedIQ. It is a secure texting solution that will enable you to connect with other physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and other clinical team members to coordinate efficient, patient-centered care. All physicians are required to utilize TelmedIQ while at Methodist, and you should ensure you are logged in, the application is functioning appropriately, and your availability status is accurate (similar to the concept of ensuring you have your pager with you and turned on when you are on call).

You can download the TelmedIQ application for Android or iOS in your respective mobile application repository. If you visit, get you will be directed to the correct application. Information about how to log on and basic support can be found at, but the most important information is your login credentials. Your login email is based on your Cerner username with the domain "" following. For example, Jane Doe's TelmedIQ login would be Your password is the same as your Methodist Cerner password.

You will receive more information and training at orientation. You can also visit for additional videos and information if desired.

MUH Campus Map

map of the methodisty university campus 

Nov 29, 2022