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UTHSC GME Organizational Chart

Graduate Medical Education Committee

Natascha Thompson, MD - Chair

ACGME requires every sponsoring institution to have a Graduate Medical Education Committee (GMEC). Some of the responsibilities of this committee are to establish and implement policies and procedures regarding the quality of education and the work environment for residents, review and make recommendations on resident stipends and benefits, establish and maintain oversight of program directors, establish and implement policies regarding duty hours, ensure programs provide appropriate supervision, review all ACGME program accreditation letters, and approve correspondence to ACGME.

Program Coordinator Committee

The Program Coordinator Committee consists of GME Administration and Program Coordinators from all residency programs in the College of Medicine. The Committee is used as a way for the GME Office to communicate necessary information to the programs, create closer working relationships among the coordinators, and determine/implement best practices. One member of the committee is selected in March to serve on the Graduate Medical Education Committee.

Member Program
Ralph Lorenz, Chair Assistant Director of GME
Bran Upchurch Assistant Director for GME Accreditation
Kathleen Pierce Accreditation Specialist
Meredith Serna Accreditation Specialist
Miranda Sealey Accreditation Specialist
Haley Smith GME Administration Coordinator
Amanda Roberts Internal Medicine
Derrell Bryant Pediatrics
Taylor Robertson Medicine - Pulmonary/Critical Care 
Leigh Ann Barns Psychiatry
Kelli Moses Clinical Neurophysiology, and Vascular Neurology
Bethany Brashier Rheumatology, Medicine - Endocrinology & Infectious Disease
Victoria West Allergy & Immunology, Pediatrics – Endocrinology & Critical Care
Paula Odom OB/GYN
Renee Poe Orthopaedic Surgery
Sharron Cole Family Medicine-Jackson
Brenda Coleman Medicine - Cardiology, Cardiology Interventional, & Cardiac Electrophysiology
April Hollis Radiology
Ashley King Long Neurosurgery
Rosemary Bankston Orthopaedic Hand - Pediatrics & Sports Medicine
Cody Hinkley Pediatrics – Cardiology, Pulmonology & Nephrology
Michelle Bollenbach Family Medicine - St. Francis
Melissa Hayes Medicine - Pediatrics
Susan Coffill Medicine - Gastroenterology/Nephrology
Trachia Wilson Pediatrics - Infectious Disease
Janet Herriman Hematology/Oncology and Surgical Oncology
Nalisha Brown Pediatric EM, Pediatric Gastroenterology, and Pediatric Hospital Medicine
Shannae Staten Surgery - Pediatric, Pediatric Surgical Critical Care
Toni Pearson Pediatrics - Hematology/Oncology
Denise Norman Neurology - Child
Krystal Webster Neurology
Matthew Isaacs Urology and Urology - Pediatrics
Latasha Lovett Surgery - Transplant
<vacant> Ophthalmology
Sarah Rainey Gynecologic Oncology, Maternal-Fetal Medicine, and Neonatalology
<vacant> Internal Medicine - Nashville
Twain Wilkerson Surgery Critical Care and Vascular Surgery
Jeannine Ricker Child Psychiatry, and Geriatric Psychiatry
Carla Griffin-Crouthers Otolaryngology and Pediatric Otolaryngology
Cynthia Tooley Surgery
Catina Price Radiology - Interventional, Pediatric Radiology
Erica Franklin Dermatology and Hospice and Palliative Medicine
Rocio Agundis Pathology, Forensic Pathology
Tim Fullen Emergency Medicine
Asia Dugger Hudson Anesthesiology
Jasmine Williams Radiation Oncology
Resident Forum


The Resident Forum is a group for residents to communicate and exchange information about their programs, their educational and work environments, and any other issues they may face during residency. 

The forum is an opportunity to keep residents informed about important issues that affect their careers as well as provide an organized voice to raise and resolve concerns. Any topics discussed by members of the forum that warrant further discussion are presented to the GMEC. Residents can conduct the forum without the DIO, faculty members, or other administrators present. 

In addition, each UTHSC residency and fellowship program is encouraged to have a resident/fellow only platform where residents/fellows can communicate without faculty members or other administrators present.

2022-2023 Resident Forum Leadership

Chair: Matthew Haltom, MD, PGY-6, Pulmonary Critical Care Medicine


  • Alex Addington ,MD, PGY-2, Internal Medicine
  • John Pierce, MD, PGY-2, Radiology
  • Sarah Hashimi, MD, PGY-5, Hematology-Oncology
  • Hunter Mitchell, MD, PGY-4, Neurology
  • Emily Mylhousen, MD, PGY-2,  Emergency Medicine


Feb 1, 2023