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You will receive an email from the Financial Aid Office once your financial aid award offer is available for you to view online.

Once you receive this email, please follow these steps to accept/decline your financial aid offer:

Login to Banner Self-Service

  1. Click "Financial Aid."
  2. Click "Financial Aid Award."
  3. Click "Current Financial Aid Award."
  4. Select "Aid year."
  5. Click "Terms and Conditions."
  6. Accept Terms and Conditions.
  7. Click "Accept Award Offer."
  8. Then, accept/decline aid offered.

With the exception of Federal Direct Loans, if you decline your financial aid it is not guaranteed that the same aid will be made available to you at a later date. Scholarships and grants are automatically accepted for the student and only loans and federal work study will require the student to accept/decline.

Although there is no deadline to accept the aid offered to you, UTHSC may cancel any award offered after 45 days have passed since the initial email notification. Students who receive loan funds disbursed to them will have 30 days from the date of their Right to Cancel notification to request that the Financial Aid Office reduce their loan funds for the term. To do so, the student should send an email to the Financial Aid Office at with the amount of loan funding they would like to see returned. Please note that this request will likely result in the student owing a balance that will need to be paid to UTHSC.

If there is an external scholarship/grant/resource that you will be receiving that is not already listed on your financial aid award letter, please notify our office by listing that resource on the "Resources/Additional Information" link in Banner Financial Aid Self-Service.

Please note that for most UTHSC programs, financial aid is awarded based on full-time enrollment. If after the census date, a student is found to be below half-time it could result in the Financial Aid Office reducing the student's cost of attendance and possibly reducing the student's financial aid. Also, if any UTHSC or external resource is added to a student's financial aid that causes the student to exceed their cost of attendance, it may result in the financial aid office reducing the student's existing financial aid.

May 26, 2022