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All residents in all Emergency Medicine residency programs nationwide are required to pursue and complete a scholarly activity while in residency. This mission is easily enough accomplished in any clinical setting. This program has a simple didactic and reading program to teach all residents the fundamentals of doing research and, more importantly, critically reading published research. This component of training will actually be invaluable as you keep up with new research and publications throughout your career.

For those interested in research, the residency has a core faculty member dedicated to research and the residency is dedicated to facilitating publication and clinical research for all members of the department, including residents. This is an excellent time to get one or more publications on ANY area of Emergency Medicine as you get started on your career. You can decide to continue or simply be content at mastering that area of knowledge. An astute resident will recognize that anything they can do to set themselves above their peers training at other facilities translates to job security in the future, and he/she will take advantage of a unique opportunity to get their feet wet and establish their expertise in an area that interests them.

Speak with our research coordinator if you have an area of interest that you might like to pursue…you might just change the way we all do things and save some lives at the same time!

Last Published: Oct 18, 2017