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Medical & PA Students Assistance Program/Counseling: NexGen EAP (for UT Students)

ENI Well-Being NexGen Employee Assistance Program

UT College of Medicine NexGen Total Well Being Program for Medical & PA Students at UT is provided at no cost to each student.

The University of Tennessee recognizes the challenges of balancing academics and personal issues. In an effort to help you achieve balance in all aspects of your life, the University offers you access, at no cost to you, to an employee/student assistance type program called ENI NexGen Total Well-Being.

This confidential program is provided to you at no cost to you and includes professional counseling, legal and financial resources, referrals, and help with issues such as academics, relationship problems, substance abuse, emotional problems, stress, and much more:   

  • Counseling Services
  • Legal and Financial Consultations
  • Virtual Concierge Services
  • Individualized Wellness Resources
  • Health Advocacy
  • Online Resources

You even have access to a Dedicated Personal Assistant to research questions you may have for any personal project or concern (e.g., finding a reputable moving company when relocating to or from our local area, planning a wedding or other major event, finding child care or elder care, finding a florist, finding a mechanic, etc.) The Dedicated Personal Assistant can be a great resource for students.

Professional counseling and guidance are available for a variety of stress issues offering short-term counseling focused on coping strategies or appropriate referrals to long-term counseling or specialized care.  Issues include academics, relationship problems, stress, alcohol and substance abuse, emotional problems, financial issues, depression and anxiety, and adjustment to residency and other life-changing experiences.   

Legal and Financial Consultations provide no-cost legal and financial consultations (half-hour legal consultations via phone or in-person for issues such as divorce, custody disputes, and wills).  Discounted legal fees are also available if longer consultations are required.  Half-hour financial consultations are provided via phone and can provide assistance with topics such as debt consolidation, tax questions, student loans, and investments.  ID Theft resources are also available. 

The Virtual Concierge Services (available 24/7) can save you valuable time and help you balance the competing demands of work and life.  It features dedicated Personal Assistants that can provide research, referrals, or information on just about any topic. 

Your Comprehensive Wellness Resources encompass all areas of well-being from nutrition and fitness to relaxation and restoration.  You can submit a wellness request, schedule a call with a Wellness Coach, or receive individualized wellness tools and resources. 

NexGen licensed Care Guides are available to provide benefit information and assistance navigating your student health insurance plans.  You can also access your Total Well-Being Program virtually via a personalized web portal - right from your computer or device. 

Accessing your benefit is easy: Dial 1.800.327.2255 and identify yourself as a Medical or PA Student with the UTHSC College of Medicine (Company ID: 8665 if asked). You can also use the website:  

The first time you login, you will need to enter the Company ID for the UTHSC College of Medicine 8665. You will then be helped with how to create your personal username and password.

Enjoy your NexGen benefits, provided to you at no charge from The University of Tennessee. We look forward to helping you achieve success in both your personal and academic life!

Sep 16, 2022