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Shanghai, Nanjing, and Lhasa

Program description
Jamie Morano, '03
Fall 2002, 1 month as M4 elective

Program/Organization: International Children's Heart Foundation (ICHF)
Dr. Bill Novick, MD, Director
1750 Madison Avenue, Suite 100
Memphis, TN 38104
Phone: (901) 869-4243 (ICHF)


Trip description: Working with Chinese orphans, training medical personnel, teaching English to medical students
John Ho-Class, '06
June-August 2003, 2 months of M1 summer

Program/Organization: Caring for China
Kathy Porowski
P.O.Box 10444
Santa Ana, CA 92711-9998



Trip description: Work in 3 outpatient clinics for women and children and in a 20 bed pediatric hospital, ID and nutrition
Jackson Hill Williams, '02
March 2002, 1 month as M4 elective

Program/Organization: Italian Medical Association

Contact: Dr. Sujit Brahmochary
14 B.N.N. Ghosh Lane Tolly Gunge
Calcutta - 700040, India
Phone: (int'l code) + 91.33.4717577



Trip description: Organization primarily works with street children in Lombok but can likely tell you about other opportunities in the area. I found a group doing immunizations while there and worked with them.
Justin Ryel, ‘07
June-July 2007 M1

Program/Organization: Peduli Anak
Contact: Justin Ryel



Trip description: Volunteering in the ER, working at free clinics, scrubbing in on surgical cases, village medical care

Sara Mirghahari, '04
June-July 2001, 6 weeks of M1 summer

Contact: Dr. Kamkar
Niavaran Ave. Shiedmahmoodi St. #51 unit #5
Tehran, Iran 0119821-271-5264


Trip description: Women's health education, teaching methods of birth control, STD prevention, clinical responsibilities
Yasmin Alishahi, '06
June-July 2003, 1 month of M1 summer

Program/Organization: Pastor Now Hospital
Abdi Bekherneeyan, MD, Director
Phone: 011-98-21-270-8057



Trip description: Assisting medical and surgical subspecialists with pediatric congenital hearts defects
Jennifer Beckman, '09
June 2006, 14 days of M1 summer

Program/Organization: International Children's Heart Foundation
Contact: Dr. Bill Novick MD
1750 Madison Avenue, Suite 100
Memphis, TN 38104
Phone: (901) 869-4243 (ICHF)



Mae Sot

Program/Organization: Public Health research project. They also accept students for 6-week clinical rotations
Andrew Trent, '07
Date: June-August 2007 M1

Program/Organization: Minority Health and Health Disparities International Research Training (MHIRT) Program and Mae Tao Clinic
Contact: Andy Trent


Trip description: Mobile clinic in the jungle of Northern Thailand, working in drug rehab programs, Christian ministry
Joshua David Parks, '03
March-May-2003, 2 months as M4 elective

Program/Organization: Hilltribes Team
John Gibson, MD, Director
Box 1
Chiangklang Nan 55160
Phone: 66-54-797-263

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