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N' Dja mena

Trip Description: Pediatric hospital construction and rounding with physicians in a hospital
Stephen Dumas Hammond, '02
June-July 1999, 1 month of M1 summer

Program/Organization: TEAM
Ross McCordic, Director
BP 127
N' Dja mena
Chad, Africa


Adutor and Agorta

Trip Description: Visiting Ghana with the Christian Medical & Dental Association (CMDA)
Lee Ann Lund
February 2003, 2 weeks

Program/Organization: Christian Medical & Dental Association (CMDA)
Contact Email:


Trip Description: Worked with American and Ghanian physicians, assisted in surgery, worked in Childhood Nutrition and Malnutrition Unit and with the Public Health Department.
David Maynard '22

Summer 2019
Program/Organization: Baptist Medical Centre



Trip Description: Ministry and clinical work William Matthew Linam, '01, Leann Eggers Linam, '00, Angela Steinman Many, '00, Heath Richard Many, '00, Satcy Lynn Strouss, '00
March-April 2000, 2 months as M4 elective

Program/Organization: Tenwek Hospital
Carol Traschel, Director
PO Box 29
Bomet, Kenya
Phone: 0361-30086
Fax: 0361-30165


Trip Description: N/A
Bryan Christopher Myers, '01, Robert David Sapp, '01
February-May 2001, 3 months as M4 elective


Trip Description: Surgical assistance, hospital care
Justin McHenry Arnold, '05
June-July 2002, 20 days of M1 summer

Program/Organization: Samaritan's Purse
Dr. Coleman Arnold, MD, Director


Trip Dates: June 12th to July 9th of 2012
Jessica Bode, Sam Seyler, Liza Coombs, Phillip Thomas, Louis Gamble, Malia Willis, Kevin Ouma, and Edward Krei

Description: We worked in the Kitale District Hospital from June 18 to July 13. We rounded with attendings, residents, and Kenyan medical students and practiced skills such as suturing, taking vital signs, placing IVs and even assisting on surgeries. 95% of the rounding was done in English. The hospital staff was very friendly and encouraged us to be hands on and learn. It was a wonderful experience and many of us hope to go back in our 4th year. We would definitely recommend doing this trip and will encourage our 4th year friends to join us if we go back. Kevin Ouma, our classmate and travel companion, organized the trip to his hometown of Kitale. His family was very hospitable and bent over backwards to welcome us to Kenya. His family friend, Caleb Okullo Okello, was responsible for arranging the hospital work. He would like for this to become a recurring trip for UTHSC students.

Contact: Sam Seyler or Jessica Bode


Trip Dates: June 12th to July 9th of 2012
Samantha Alley, Petrina Craine, Sandy Henin, Mfon Udoko

Description: Innovation. Implementation. Impact. These three words summarize the experience of four medical students who spent a month serving an international organization dedicated to using creative initiatives to meet the health challenges of its 40,000 impoverished residents. By combining emerging technological advances with sound principles in quality improvement, these students were able to make measurable changes for local medical providers and patients. This opportunity will best fit the desires of future health professionals who wish to design and support unique interventions that can be applied to underserved communities. - Connie Cheren, President and Founder




Trip Dates: June 30, 2012 to July 28, 2012
Lee Moore

Description: This past summer, I went on a medical mission trip with ‘Project Take Love’ to African Bible College (ABC) in Lilongwe, Malawi from June 30th—July 28th. On a typical day, I worked in the on campus health center with a doctor treating and diagnosing students and people from the local community. I also worked with doctors, rounding at the pediatric ward on campus. We started seeing patients around 8:00 and finished around 3:30, but in Malawi everyday is different and not always predictable. We treated burn victims, malaria, abscesses, parasites, sexually transmitted diseases, and HIV just to name a few. More rarely, we saw Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and some congenital anomalies. As some of the doctors working at ABC are actually American missionary doctors, there is not too much of a language barrier on campus that might impede learning. Additionally, a large majority of the students speak English. However, in the villages while working in mobile clinics, translators are used. I really enjoyed working at the clinic at ABC. The staff, students, and culture were very friendly and hospitable. I liked that we were able to pray with and for patients in clinic openly. In some of my free time some the doctors, took me over to the Kamuzu Central Hospital the largest hospital in Malawi, where I was able to see medicine practiced in a culturally different way. I specifically, worked with Dr. Vines in the Pediatric ICU. On one of the weekends some of the missionaries took us on a trip to Lake Malawi; it’s so large that it looks like an ocean with waves and a rocky, sandy shore. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for third world experience in tropical medicine to further research working at African Bible College in Lilongwe, Malawi.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding any of the Take Love trips, contact Corey Conkright, Take Love Director at or (602) 694-7605.





Trip Description: Clinical work
Jennifer Marie Collier, '03
June 2000, 2 weeks of M1 summer

Contact: Eric Brand, Director
Bellevue Baptist Church
Community Missions Office


Lagos, Enugu, and Igbo-Ukwu

Trip Description: Preventive medicine work at the University of Lagos, health fair and HIV and hypertension information set up in the rural village of Igbo-Ukwu
Obinna Uchenna Nwobi, '02
July-August 1999, M1 summer

Contact: Mrs. Edna Nwobi
P.O. Box 3801
Lagos, Nigeria

Addis Abeba

Trip Description: Community-based health clinic exposure, urban/developing world setting
Matthew Norman Koury, '02
August 1999, 1 month of M1 summer

Program/Organization: Integrated Holistic Approach-Urban Development Project

Lagos and Igbo-Ukwu

Trip Description: Exposure to Nigerian health care system, clinical work, organizing health fair
Obinna Uchema Nwobi, '02, Kim Looney, '02, Konya Keeling, '02
February 2002, 1 month as M4 elective

Program/Organization: AFFAHS
Dr. Uchenna Nwosu, MD, Director 2330 Fifth Ave.
Youngstown, Ohio 44504
Phone: (330) 740-3610 (days)
Phone: (330) 747-0502 (evenings)




Trip Description: hiked around village for triage, held travelling clinic – mostly malaria, infectious disease
Kate Thornton, 2008

Program/Organization: AFFAHS


Districts Gulu, Lira, and Masindi in Northern Uganda

Trip Description: Worked in Northern Ugandan refugee displacement camp to assess effectiveness of counseling programs for refugee children. Manny Patel, '09 - June to August 2006, Summer after M1 year
Meghan Arant, '06 - June - August 2005, 6 week M4 rotation

Program/Organization: Minority Health Research Training Program (MHIRT)
Dr. Malinda Fitzgerald, PhD, Director of MHIRT
Manny Patel, Board Member and Cofounder of Hope North International

May 26, 2022