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Mark Hedrick, Ph.D.

hedrick photo

Mark Hedrick, Ph.D. 


  • Speech perception
  • Psychophysics 
Dr. Mark Hedrick has been with UT since 1997. His research is principally centered on perception of speech by individuals with hearing loss. He is involved in determining what information from the speech signal the listener with hearing loss pays most attention to, and how this may be different from listeners with normal hearing. He is also involved in examining how degraded listening conditions (noise, reverberation) specifically alter listeners’ perception of speech at the phoneme level. He investigates the effects of aging and spectral shaping of consonants upon listeners’ perception and neural representation, and has studied the effects of nicotine upon perception, along with examining the effects of auditory training programs.
  • B. S., West Virginia Wesleyan, Buckhannon (1983)
  • M. Ed., University of Virginia, Charlottesville, (1986)
  • Ph.D., Vanderbilt University, Nashville (1991)


May 26, 2022